Fortnite Chiara Skin Guide – All Styles, Back Bling, Gameplay

Guardian of the undiscovered wilds.

Chiara is a rare Fortnite skin added in Patch 16.5 during Season 2, Chapter 6. It’s part of the new Burning Highway set, themed around what seems to be a Mad Max type universe. One half of her arms and one half of her legs is mechanical and she’s outfitted in leather, a ton of belts, and metal ornaments. The rest of the set includes the Warrior’s Wheel back bling which appears to be a wheel with a shotgun running through the middle. A symbol similar to the one on her belt features prominently on the front. The pickaxe, Grim Gouger, is yet another tool which is clearly a hammer but uses the pointy back side of it as a pick.

Based on datamined information, it appears as if she’s a part of a new bundle which includes the back bling, the skin, and a new loading screen. In it, Chiara wields two daggers in an attempt to fend off a pack of raptors. She’s backed up by Tarana and Gia.

Chiara Skin Info

  • Cost: 1200 V-Bucks
  • Last Seen: Unreleased
  • Rarity: Rare

Chiara Styles

Chiara has a total of four different style options. You can choose between having her mask on or off and whether she wears a light or dark outfit.

It doesn’t just change the color of her clothes, however. Her face paint swaps from silver to black and her pants go from stained to ripped along the thighs. The light version is a purple crop top, matching her hair highlights and tassels hanging from her belt. In the dark style her stomach is covered by belts, the crop top is white, and she’s wearing a leather jacket over it. There are a few other smaller details too. She changes her gloves and while the highlights stay the same, her hair changes from white to black.

Chiara Gameplay

Want to see what the skin looks like in action? Check out this gameplay from SibboX!


Burning Highway Set

As we mentioned, the set also includes a backpack and pickaxe. There is no glider. From what we know, the backpack comes as part of the set but the pickaxe will be a separate purchase. It’s uncommon so it should cost 500 V-Bucks.

Loading Screen

As we mentioned, Chiara also comes with a loading screen. You can see it below.

And that’s it for now! If you’re still grinding the battle pass, get out there and complete the limited time NBA challenges. They don’t take much time or effort and will reward you with 200,000 XP. The season is scheduled to end on June 8, in just under two weeks.