Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Bugs Guide: All Known Issues and Glitches

Your go-to guide for all current bugs and issues in Chapter 3 Season 3.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 bugs shouldn’t come as a surprise. Developer Epic’s IP galore is ever-shifting, which means that errors are bound to happen. Some might be small enough that you won’t even notice unless you do a specific action, but others can be quite disruptive. The new season introduces massive changes on the battle royale map, returning mechanics, and some interesting additions, from weapons to quests to follow on a weekly basis. This guide lists all the bugs, known issues, and glitches present in Chapter 3 Season 3. We’ll be updating this page as frequently as possible so you’re always up to date, so keep an eye on it.

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Bugs – Known Issues and Glitches to Date

Last updated on June 30 at 2:03 p.m. PT/5:03 p.m. ET

General Top Issues

  • On PC, players using Intel 4000s may experience their game crashing if they are near one of the physics-enabled Timber Trees when it is cut down and produces a falling log
  • Some players may find that they receive multiple’ Friend Accepted’ notification pop-ups when launching Fortnite for the first time this season
  • Players are getting a blue lobby background. Changing the language to another language and back again, or relaunching Fortnite, or simply playing a match and returning to the lobby should update the lobby background
  • Vehicles may have trouble driving up or down steep terrain. Attaching a Chonkers tire mod to the vehicle will help with navigating inclines

Battle Royale Top Issues

  • Some players may find that Obi-Wan’s Message dialogue is in English and not the language selected in the game settings. A PC workaround is to open the Epic Games Launcher, click the 3 dots beside Fortnite, select Options, tick all languages, click Apply, and download the update.
  • On PC, driving a vehicle can sometimes clip under the map when impacting the ground
  • Opening the Map or Quests while using Split-screen causes the 2nd player’s view to turn black. The affected player can open and close their map to regain visibility
  • Sapling Icon can be misplaced on the Map/Minimap
  • Low render quality objects appearing on Starter Island
  • Swapping items while also activating a Rift-To-Go may accidentally use the item. As a workaround, allow the full activation timer to play out before swapping items

Creative Top Issues

  • Prop Movers and manipulators can not be placed when they don’t overlap with props
  • Epic is aware of an issue that is causing the tracker device to not update correctly for teams when multiple teams are able to use it
  • Menu options on some devices will not open after exiting to the hub and reentering the island
  • Players on PS5 are unable to assign items to the Creative hotbar using L2+Button
  • When using Glass Gallery or Glass Prop Gallery and copying, cutting, and pasting, no placement is shown
  • The Prop manipulator may stop functioning correctly after the first round or in between rounds. If it is set to invisible, it may also become visible on other rounds
  • In matchmaking, Prop Movers can’t be reactivated in a round if they were activated in a previous round

Save the World Top Issues

  • Epic is investigating an issue that is causing players’ animations to appear as gliding and rotating when running
  • MAP UI focused when the sidebar is open
  • The screen flashes white when R.O.S.I.E. is fired at or around the player
  • Low Rendering occurs for various weapons after equipping them from the backpack
  • Certain settings may cause some terrain to appear transparent

Switch & Mobile Top Issues

  • None for the time being!

Those are all the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 bugs to date — keep an eye on this guide for any future fixes! If you’re looking for more help, we have guides covering all Chapter 3 Season 3 weekly quests, how to ride both wolves and boars to explore the map in style, all Battle Pass skins and rewards in detail, all the new and returning weapons available this season for the time being, and how to cure Storm Sickness. This is a huge season for Fortnite, and as such, you’re bound to encounter different issues as you go. Hopefully this guide can help to keep you informed as the weeks go by.