Fortnite Challenges and Solutions Guide – Week 10, Season 7

Well folks, we made it! It’s the final week of Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass challenges. If you, like us, are still a few dozen levels away from unlocking the Beef Boss kigurumi (and thus defeating Fortnite: Battle Royale forever), we bid you patience and efficiency during the long weekend grind ahead. We can all achieve our beefy dreams, together, if we just stay focused and determined. Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy!

Here’s a rundown of this the Fortnite Season 7, Week 10 challenges:

  • Place a Mounted Turret or a Damage Trap in 3 different matches [Free | 5 Battle Stars]
  • Search chests at Lazy Links or Dusty Divot [Free | 5 Battle Stars]
  • Get 3 Assault Rifle eliminations [Free | 10 Battle Stars]
  • Deal 300 damage with Scoped Weapons to opponents [Battle Pass | 5 Battle Stars]
  • Get a score of 5 or more at the Shooting Gallery east of Wailing Woods
    • Get a score of 5 or more at the Shooting Gallery west of Lonely Lodge
      • Get a score of 5 or more at the Shooting Gallery south of the race track [Battle Pass | 5 Battle Stars total]
  • Visit 4 Expedition Outposts in a single match [Battle Pass | 10 Battle Stars]
  • Hit an opponent with a Chiller Grenade or Boogie Bomb in 3 different matches [Battle Pass | 10 Battle Stars]

Place a Mounted Turret or a Damage Trap in 3 Different Matches

As with most challenges that require the use of a specific item or weapon, Team Rumble matches will give you the most time and opportunity to find what you need. Spend the entire first circle looting in chest-heavy zones like Paradise Palms. With Team Rumble’s enhanced loot table and drop rates, you’ll find what you need before too long. Just don’t forget to actually use the item! Not that we’ve done that ourselves multiple times, or anything!

Search Chests at Lazy Links or Dusty Divot

Team Rumble is once again your friend for this (and similar) challenges. The divided map gives you a safer environment to search in, since chests are more likely to spawn. Try for whichever location is furthest from the dividing line but still on your side of the map; this should decrease the amount of chest-opening competition you’ll face from other members of your team.

Get 3 Assault Rifle Eliminations

We’ve developed a very simple four-step process for completing this challenge:

  1. Queue up for Team Rumble
  2. Loot chests until you find an Assault Rifle
  3. Aim for the head and try not to miss
  4. If you do miss, respawn and repeat step three as necessary

Remember that your mileage may vary with Heavy Assault Rifles! Stick to the tried and true originals for best results.

Deal 300 Damage With Scoped Weapons to Opponents

Our method for completing this challenge is remarkably similar to our method for completing the above Assault Rifle challenge. There’s just one important difference: Aim for the tummy, not the head. Your goal is to do damage, not to get eliminations, so make the job easier and give yourself a bigger target. This is a scoped weapon challenge, after all. You should be taking pot shots from a square away, rather than going head-to-head at shotgun range.

Get a Score of 5 or More at the Shooting Gallery East of Wailing Woods, Etc.

If this is your first Shooting Gallery challenge, know that they’re pretty straightforward. At the locations marked on the map below, players can stand in a specific spot and interact with a scoreboard to begin the challenge. Targets will start popping up on all sides. You’ve got to shoot at least five of them before the timer runs out! You’ll want a gun that’s accurate from the hip for these, since the targets move quickly and are sometimes placed out of shotgun range — we recommend SMGs or pistols.

Visit 4 Expedition Outposts in a Single Match

You already had to visit all the Expedition Outposts for a previous challenge. Now get ready to visit four of them in a single match! It’s Week 10, baby! New ideas are for weeks with single digits. This week is for slightly different versions of old ideas.

Anyway, get your butt in an X-4 Stormwing at Frosty Flights or the airfield north of Wailing Woods. Then make your way to any four of the seven Expedition Locations marked on the map above. If you can manage flying very low to the ground, you should be able to get credit for visiting without actually having to land the plane, making this a significantly faster and safer challenge to complete.

Hit an Opponent With a Chiller Grenade or Boogie Bomb in 3 Different Matches

There are a few exceptions to the “just do Team Rumble” rule. In this case it’s the fact that Chiller Grenades are Common-level items. You have a much better chance of running into Chiller Grenades in regular BR matches than you’ll have finding Boogie Bombs in Team Rumble. And since Common items just straight up don’t spawn in Team Rumble, you’ll have to find a Boogie Bomb. Whereas in regular Battle Royale you’ve got a chance at both. When the time comes to use what you’ve found, remember that you’re not trying to win the fight; you’re just trying to land a hit with the grenade. Win the war, not the battle!

Fortnite Season 7, Week 10 Hidden Banner

The final hidden doohicky of Fortnite Season 7 is located under the lone tree west of the desert biome race track, as shown on the map below. Good luck out there, goobers!