Fortnite Avengers: Endgame Guide – Challenges, Skins, Weapons, End Date

Lads, assemble!

The Marvel universe has returned to Fortnite Battle Royale with the introduction of Endgame, a new limited time mode available through the weekend of May 4. Inspired by the film of the same name and released around the same time, Endgame empowers players with the mythological weapons of the Avengers and pits them against Thanos and his legion of Chitauri, who also happen to be players!

Endgame LTM Details

In this team-based LTM, Infinity Stones will periodically fall onto the Battle Royale island. The hero team’s primary objective is to prevent Thanos or the Chitauri from acquiring all six of the stones, while also working to eliminate as many Chitauri as possible. The enemy team, naturally, is working to acquire the Infinity Stones, as doing so not only brings Thanos into the fold, but it also boosts the health of everyone on that team.

Each member of the hero team drops to the island with two basic weapons and a treasure map, which will lead them to the location of a random Avengers weapon. Chests have been modified to also contain an Avengers weapon, so after some thorough searching you may be able to complete the entire set of four — we’ll talk about how each weapon works here in a minute.

Meanwhile, the Chitauri team spawns with “a powerful laser rifle, an anti-structure grenade attack, and a jetpack that lets them briefly leap high into the air,” according to Epic’s patch notes. That laser rifle is no joke, but it also draws a direct line back to your position, so keep that in mind.

The first Chitauri player to acquire an Infinity Stone becomes Thanos (this isn’t canonically accurate, but we’ll allow it), and Thanos has his own slate of super-powered superpowers: A big ol’ Thanos punch, his trademark beam attack, and a leaping ground pound that is very clearly violates at least one of the Hulk’s copyrights. When Thanos is eliminated, another random Chitauri will spawn as Thanos after a brief cooldown.

As the bad guys collect the Infinity Stones, the entire Chitauri team increases their maximum health, and some aspect of Thanos becomes more powerful depending on which stone was acquired. The Reality Stone doubles his health and shields from 1,000 to 2,000. The Soul Stone gives Thanos the ability to regain shield from eliminating heroes. The Mind Stone doubles Thanos’ jump height, while the Space Stone triples his ground pound’s area of effect and increases its damage six times over. The Time Stone adds a knockback to his melee attack and triples its damage, and finally the Power Stone increases the power of his beam attack by a factor of six.

If the Chitauri manage to acquire all six Infinity Stones, the hero team will no longer be able to respawn, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the match is over. If the heroes can persevere until the final circle and defeat Thanos, it’s possible to still pull out a Victory Royale — or in this case, “Universe Saved!”

Mythic Avengers Weapons

Four mythic Avengers weapons are in play during a match of Endgame, and each one imparts different abilities and attacks inspired by their respective heroes. Here’s how it all shakes out!

Captain America’s Shield

Just like in real life, Captain America’s shield can be used defensively or for ranged bludgeoning purposes. Holding down primary fire raises the shield in front of the user, protecting them from incoming fire. It’s not a full 360 degrees of protection, mind you, so you’ll still have to face the general direction that you’re being attacked from. The shield’s secondary fire activates the Captain’s trademark shield toss, which deals damage to structures and foes alike. The shield automatically returns to the player, so don’t worry about losing it.

Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets

Aside from making it look like you’ve got totally dope robot hands, Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets also give you the ability to hover in mid-air, and to perform several “boost jumps” in a row. It’s not bi-plane levels of flight, but it does make the user extremely mobile. Primary fire shoots lasers from the palms of the gauntlets, which also feature a good degree of aim assist that makes doing consistent damage a breeze. Plus, enemy targets are highlighted by the gauntlets’ blue HUD reticle, provided that the target is generally within the center of your view. Given how difficult it can be to pick out Chitauri invaders during a fight, this is an extremely useful bonus.

Thor’s Stormbreaker

Is it an axe? Is it a hammer? Por que no los dos? Crafted in the depths of space by the largest Peter Dinklage ever recorded, the Stormbreaker does most of what you’d hope a Thor-based weapon would. Primary fire swings the axe, while secondary fire hurls it at a target. As with Captain America’s shield, Stormbreaker automatically returns to the user after a good toss, and boy howdy does it look just as cool and satisfying as when Thor does it in the movies. Lastly, the Stormbreaker has a ground pound move of its own when primary fire is used mid-air, which deals area of effect damage on impact and also serves as a handy way to get around quickly. The only thing missing, in our eyes, is the ability to shoot a bolt of lightning from the axe, but then again we aren’t the real Thor.

Hawkeye’s Bow

Hawkeye’s Bow easily requires the most precision to use effectively, but what else would you expect from a weapon meant for the world’s greatest marksman? Primary fire launches an arrow that explodes the target after a brief delay, which starts on impact. Meanwhile, secondary fire launches a “grapple arrow,” which is (for all intents and purposes) a built-in version of the vaulted Grapper. In the right hands, Hawkeye’s Bow is just as effective as the other Avenger weapons, if not as suited for wanton mayhem.

Endgame Challenges

As has been the case with the last few Battle Royale events, Endgame comes with its own set of free challenges. As can be seen in the screenshot below, Endgame challenges unlock in bundles over the course of the next week. Each challenge rewards XP, an own emote sticker, or a spray upon completion, but the real incentive is the Quinjet glider (above), which is earned by completing any 10 Endgame challenges.

While only three challenges have been revealed as of press time (Update: We’re now up to nine!), these free event challenges tend to be pretty reasonable from a difficulty standpoint. It’s probably not going to be a question of if you’ve got the skills to complete 10 challenges, but whether you’re willing to put in however much time that might require.

Shop Items

If you’ve been thinking “that’s great, but what about any of the women in the Avengers,” Epic has a monetized answer for you! A Black Widow set has been added to the item shop, with another skin and item set to be revealed early next week. Black Widow herself costs 1,500 v-bucks and comes with a matching backbling, which features non-functional versions of her trademark stun-clubs.

For another 800 v-bucks, you can acquire the “Widow’s Bite” harvesting tool, which is an electrified bo staff inspired by her clubs. And lastly, Black Widow’s trademark martial arts mastery is represented by the “Widow’s Pirouette” emote, which costs but a mere 200 v-bucks. All in all, your complete Black Widow cosplay will cost you 2,500 v-bucks.

No word yet on what next week’s cosmetic additions will be, but if we make it through this entire event and Mantis isn’t represented anywhere I’m gonna throw hands. This post will be updated with information about the new items once they’re available, so check back next week! Excelsior!


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