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Found Footage is one of those genres that can difficult to enjoy, as a lot of filmmakers use this technique to pepper their story with cheap jumpscares. While some seek to innovate the genre, such as Rob Savage’s Host, others use the subgenre to try and critique other mediums such as Youtube. Director Antoine Le’s Followed attempts the latter, with the main character acting as a stand-in for someone like Logan Paul. While the story itself suffers some noticeable issues, the ending is a bit hard to follow if you’re not paying attention.

Here’s a breakdown of Followed’s story along with its ending:

(Warning! Spoilers ahead!!)

Followed Story Breakdown

Followed tells the tale of popular Youtube vlogger Mike aka Drop the Mic and his team shooting a series of videos inside a haunted Hotel Lennox. Spurred on by the possibility of a big corporate sponsorship if the team, the team set out for a three-night excursion into the hotel. Mike’s team consists of his best friend Chris, their editor Nic, and a second camera person and Chris’ love interest, Danni. Of the team, only Chris has reservations about staying overnight due to his religious upbringing, but Mike eventually convinces him to go. It should be noted that Followed is actually shot from the perspective of a currently unknown third-party who is on Mike’s computer, uploading the videos to Youtube. This isn’t important now, but put a pin in this reoccurring mysterious character, as we will be visiting them at the end of Followed.

Once the team arrives, they divide up into two rooms with Nic staying in one so she can edit the footage and the other three bunking right next door to her. During their exploration of the hotel, the group discovers a basement that’s sealed off by thick chains. Sensing a moment to capture some spooky footage for the vlog, Chris uses the flying drone he rented to explore the locked room. Unfortunately for Chris, the don’t mysteriously crashes after a few seconds of flying around the basement. The crew is then caught by a security guard who explains that they cannot be here or film on the property. Luckily for Mike, the security guard is a big fan, agreeing to find them a key to the basement so they can retrieve their drone.

Later on, Mike talks about Meghan Kim, a woman who mysteriously vanished in the hotel, and reviews the last known footage of her in the Lennox’s elevator. The group deduces that Meghan is playing the “Elevator Game,” which is designed to let people connect to the afterlife. Unphased and looking for good footage, Mike decides to play the game. This goes about as well as you’d expect, with Meghan Kim’s ghost appearing after Mike puts in the correct button sequence. Of course, Mike doesn’t believe this was a ghost, as he insists it had to be a fan playing a prank on him.

More time passes, with Mike’s fiancee Jess informing him that she’s pregnant and Chris discovering that Nic’s mental state is quickly deteriorating. Soon after, the group experience their first major supernatural encounter with a young boy tossing a ball to Mike in the hallway. Mike remarks how familiar the kid looks and chases after him. At the same time, both Chris and Danni are attacked by the ghost of a serial killer named David Olmos who butchered women in the hotel during the 1980s. Barricading themselves in their room, the duo can hear David banging on the door, but when it’s opened they discover Mike.

Mike explains that he chased the kid to another floor, yet somehow ended up outside the room of Danni and Chris which was supposed to be a few floors above him. With everyone in a state of fear, Mike calls an expert on the Hotel Lennox about the young boy. He learns that a detective in the 1990s was called to the hotel to investigate a double homicide. The detective decided to stay in that room in an attempt to goad the killer out of hiding, but after three weeks the murderer was a no-show. When the detective returned to his home, he murdered his wife and drove the kids to the hotel. This man then killed the older brother, but the younger sibling escaped thanks to a maintenance man.

Mike notes that the kid he saw was one in the old photograph, but before his conversation is interrupted by Chris’ screams. Attacked in a bathroom by another ghost, Chris decides to leave the hotel. Following this, Danni and Mike are stalked by a drug dealer in a red mask prompting Danni to abandon the hotel. With only Nic left, Mike checks up on her, discovering the editor is trying to kill herself. Arriving just in time, Mike saves her, calls her family, and Nic leaves the hotel. With only Mike left, he ventures into the basement determined to reach his subscriber count so he can earn the sponsorship to support his family.

Followed Ending Explained

With his friends gone, Mike makes his way into the basement and is immediately on edge. However, as he makes his way down the stairs, Mike gets a phone call from the Hotel Lennox expert. The man tries to explain to Mike that he was the young boy who escaped the detective’s attack in the 1990s. Unfortunately, the phone cuts out before Mike hears him and he loses all connection once going into the basement. As he traverses the basement Mike hears various noises and spooky sounds which lead him to a side room where his laptop is located.

Mike is then attacked by the spirits of the hotel causing him to run for his life. As he rushes for the door, Mike discovers the body of that friendly security guard and ends up being saved by a staff member of the Hotel Lennox at the last possible second. Mike then vanishes for a few weeks, clearly shaken up from his supernatural experience. After recording an apology video to his fans and friends, Mike is attacked by the spirits once again who appear to be free to roam outside the hotel now. These ghosts present Mike with the severed head of his fiance (a callback to the severed head prop he brought with him) just before the camera cuts out.

The mysterious person on Mike’s computer then checked out a much younger vlogger on not Youtube who explains that he will be going into Mike’s house later that evening. This prompts the person to leave a comment under Mike’s channel explaining that he can’t wait to meet him. Once the tab is closed this dark figure leans in to reveal it’s the warped spirit of Mike himself before the film cuts to black.


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