Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Lost Items Guide

Early on in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you’ll come across some items that don’t seem to do anything on their own. These are typically personal effects, like training equipment or fashion accessories. You might be wondering what you’re supposed to do with these lost items. Well, we’ve got all the details right here.

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Fire Emblem Three Houses – Lost Items Quest

Before you can even do anything with these lost items, you’ll have to complete a quest on the bulletin board. In fact, it’s a good idea to complete these quests as soon as they come up, since they typically unlock new activities within the monastery. Once you’ve finished that quest, you’ll notice a “Lost Items” option when you approach students. You can use this to try to match the item with a student.

Each lost item will provide you with a hint as to who it belongs to. Getting to know each student better by talking to them and checking their likes and dislikes on the Roster will be helpful here too. That said, don’t worry if you get it wrong. Trying to give an item to someone it doesn’t belong to doesn’t seem to inflict any kind of penalty, so you can also use trial and error if you like.

These items will spawn around the monastery each month and appear as little glowing blue spots you can interact with to pick up.

Note that you cannot return lost items to house leaders other than your own. You also cannot return items to their seconds — Hubert for Black Eagles, Dedue for Blue Lions.

Fire Emblem Three Houses – Lost Items List

Figuring out which item belongs to whom is a fun way of getting to know the different personalities of the characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. But if you want a reference, we have a list of which item belongs to whom:

  • Alois: Foreign Gold Coin, Introduction to Magic, Mysterious Notebook
  • Annette: School of Sorcery Book, Unfinished Score, Wax Diptych
  • Ashe: Bundle of Herbs, Evil Repelling Amulet, Moon Knight’s Tale
  • Bernadetta: Hedgehog Case, Needle And Thread, Still-Life Picture
  • Caspar: Grounding Charm, Tattered Overcoat, Thunderbrand Replica
  • Catherine: Badge Of Graduation, Letter To Rhea, Weathered Cloak
  • Claude: Leather Bow Sheath, Mild Stomach Poison, Tactical Game Piece
  • Cyril: Old Cleaning Cloth, Portrait Of Rhea, Well-Used Hatchet
  • Dedue: Cooking Pot, Gardening Shears, Gold Earring
  • Dimitri: Black Leather Gloves, Dulled Longsword, Training Logbook
  • Dorothea: Lovely Comb, Silver Brooch, Songstress Poster
  • Edelgard: Eastern Porcelain, Time-worn Quill Pen, White Glove
  • Felix: Black Iron Spur, Sword Belt Fragment, Toothed Dagger
  • Ferdinand: Agricultural Survey, Bag of Tea Leaves, Maintenance Oil
  • Flayn: Antique Clasp, Dusty Book of Fables, Old Map of Enbarr
  • Gilbert: Carving Hammer, Noseless Puppet, Silver Necklace
  • Hanneman: Hammer and Chisel, Lens Cloth, Sketch of a Sigil
  • Hilda: Handmade Hair Clip, Spotless Bandage, Used Bottle of Perfume
  • Hubert: Folding Razor, Hresvelg Treatise, Noxious Handkerchief
  • Ignatz: Art Book, Blue Stone, Letter to the Goddess
  • Ingrid: Curry Comb, Jousting Almanac, Pegasus Horseshoes
  • Leonie: Crude Arrow Heads, Fur Scarf, Hand Drawn Map
  • Linhardt: Animated Bait, Feather Pillow, The Saints Revealed
  • Lorenz: A Treatise On Etiquette, Artificial Flower, Silk Handkerchief
  • Lysithea: Encyclopedia of Sweets, New Bottle of Perfume, Princess Doll
  • Manuela: Clean Dusting Cloth, Light Purple Beil, Wellness Herbs
  • Marianne: Bag of Seeds, Confessional Letter, How to be Tidy
  • Mercedes: Book of Ghost Stories, Fruit Preserves, How to Bake Sweets
  • Petra: Annotated Dictionary, Exotic Feather, Small Tan Hide
  • Raphael: Big Spoon, Burlap Sack of Rocks, Wooden Button
  • Seteth: Old Fishing Rod, Snapping Writing Quill, Unfinished Fable
  • Shamir: Animal Bone Dice, Bundle of Dry Hemp, Centipede Picture
  • Sylvain: Crumpled Love Letter, The History of Sreng, Unused Lipstick