Fire Emblem: Three Houses Dancer Class Guide – Hidden Class, Dance Skill

The Dancer has been a staple class of the Fire Emblem series for a long time. This special job has the unique “Dance” ability, which refreshes a unit which has already acted and gives them a second turn. Unlike some past games, you don’t get a unit that comes with the Dancer class in Fire Emblem: Three HousesInstead, it’s tied to a special event that happens midway into the game.

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Fire Emblem Three Houses White Heron Cup

When Chapter 9 rolls around, the monastery staff will inform you of a dance contest later in the month, the White Heron Cup. Each house nominates one student to represent them, and the best dancer wins. In this case, the prize is the Dancer class itself, plus a nice little ability that bolsters Avoidance when a sword is equipped.

Once you’ve begun this quest, each student in your house will have new dialogue when you approach them. Depending on their personality, they might volunteer or beg you not to nominate them. So who should you choose? Well, the dialogue can be a little misleading. Winning the contest actually depends on stats.

Talking to Manuela will tell you that the winner of the White Heron Cup will on average have a certain level of the Charm stat. You want to make sure to pick someone whose stat is above that number. That said, after you decide who will represent you, you have the option to do dance practice with them to permanently increase their Charm by 5. If you want to bolster their Charm stat even higher, try inviting them to a tea party.

The White Heron Cup will occur during the third week of the 12th moon, so you need to nominate someone by the second week. If your Charm stat is above the number Manuela gives you, you should win with no problem. But you might want to save beforehand in case you somehow do lose.

Fire Emblem Three Houses – How to Change Class to Dancer

Once you win the dance contest, the game will tell you that you’ve earned the certification for the Dancer class. It’s not immediately obvious how to change to it, though. Dancer won’t appear on the Certification menu for the character who won the contest.

Instead, you have to select “Reclass” from the Inventory menu, where you will find the Dancer under “Unique Classes.” It’s kind of confusing that class options are buried in Inventory, but so are Skills and Combat Arts. In any case, once you equip the Dancer class, your character will be all set to cut the rug on the battlefield.

That’s all for unlocking the Dancer Unique Class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Be sure to check out the rest of our Fire Emblem: Three Houses coverage for guides and our thoughts as we play through the game.