Fire Emblem: Three Houses Amiibo Support Guide – What Do You Get

Be like Tim Tebow; score a free-bo with the Amiibo Gazebo!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has no shortage of things to do once it lets you loose on Garreg Mach Monastery. You can go fishing, enjoy a tea party, train, or just pick up garbage. And you should do pretty much all of that! You know what else you should do? Break out that long-forgotten Marth Amiibo collecting dust on a shelf. Fire Emblem: Three Houses Amiibo support unlocks a few fun (and useful) items for your day-to-day life within the game. Let’s take a look at exactly what you get in our Fire Emblem: Three Houses Amiibo guide!

The first thing you ought to know about this feature is how to access it. Amiibo support in Fire Emblem manifests as a physical location at the monastery on any one of your days off. Although the game doesn’t directly draw your attention to it (or tell you about the special area at all). It’s not even listed as a facility on your map.

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In order to locate the so-called Amiibo Gazebo — the best-named thing Nintendo has ever created — take a look at our map below. The Amiibo Gazebo is located right where my character is standing. If you need a point of reference, it’s just south and slightly west of the Reception Hall. Fast travel to that location, exit through the southern door, and hang a right through the hedge wall immediately outside. The gazebo is in this little, slightly hidden nook!

Once that’s out of the way, you need to actually approach the Amiibo Gazebo and interact with it to begin. You will need to repeat this process anytime you want to scan an Amiibo into Fire Emblem: Three Houses. But, depending on which Amiibo or Amiibos you actually own, that might not be very often. Only Fire Emblem branded Amiibos give you unique rewards. Everything else will spawn the same stuff.

That “same stuff” is a variety of goods that will appear strewn about the Amiibo Gazebo zone anytime you choose to Explore the monastery. You probably know the kind of things I’m talking about: seeds, fishing bait, and the like. The bait is particularly useful, of course, since it lets you raise your Professor Level without progressing time! If you have an Amiibo — any Amiibo at all — we recommend scanning it into Fire Emblem: Three Houses for this benefit alone.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Amiibo Gazebo

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Amiibo Gazebo Support & Unlocks

As for the more unique rewards… Well, they’re not as relevant to gameplay. They are kind of nice, though, if you’re a longtime Fire Emblem fan. Scanning any Fire Emblem branded Amiibo will net you alternate musical tracks from each respective Fire Emblem character’s game. Although it seems like these tracks will only play during the optional “auxiliary battles.”

We’ve included a full Amiibo unlock list for Fire Emblem: Three Houses below. Take a look!

  • Alm (Shadows of Valentia): “March to Deliverance”
  • Celica (Shadows of Valentia): “With Mila’s Divine Protection”
  • Chrom (Awakening): “Destiny (Ablaze)”
  • Female Corrin (Fates): “Alight (Storm)”
  • Male Corrin (Fates): “A Dark Fall (Fire)”
  • Ike (Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn): “Eternal Bond”
  • Marth (basically Super Smash Bros.): “The Time to Act”
  • Robin (Awakening): “Id (Purpose)”
  • Lucina (Awakening): “Conquest (Ablaze)”
  • Roy (The Binding Blade): “Beneath a New Light (Roy’s Courage)”
  • Tiki (Just a whole mess of Fire Emblem games) – “The World Tree”