Fire Emblem: Three Hopes Weapons Guide: How to Get New Weapons

How to get new weapons in Fire Emblem: Three Hopes.

Fire Emblem: Three Hopes weapons are aplenty in the game, but it can be hard to know exactly where to find new weapons, especially those of special rarity, as you’re chugging along the battlefield and all the tasks therein. If you’ve been missing your school days with Bernadetta, Hubert, Edelgard, and everybody else, the new take on the game is taking things from turn-based to real-time Musou action. This guide explains how to get new weapons in Fire Emblem: Three Hopes and what exactly you can expect in terms of weapon rarity.

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How to Get New Weapons in Fire Emblem: Three Hopes

If you’re wondering how to obtain new weapons in Fire Emblem: Three Hopes, you can find the steps below:

  • Spoils of War: You can get weapons as ground loot — they are accrued and shown at the end of battles, and weapons are also sometimes S-Rank rewards
  • Armorer: From Chapter 4 and onward, you can purchase basic weapons at the Armorer
  • Blacksmith: You can also forge new weapons in the Blacksmith, also from Chapter 4 and beyond

If you rely on Spoils of War solely, whether because you’re trying to save up gold for a specific upgrade or purchase, you can find all sorts of weapons. But of course, as ground loot, you’ll never know exactly what to expect, or whether it’s a weapon that’s going to benefit the units you use the most. In the example above, the loot was a Steel Lance +3 with a D rank, as well as Wolf Fangs +6, also in the D category.

The Wolf Fangs had Might 44 and Durability 62, as well as a tip that this type of weapon is effective against mounted units in the item’s description. You can see all of this during in the Spoils of War screen after the battle is over, and then, it’ll be up to you to decide whether to equip them, keep them for later, or just get rid of them.

As for the Armorer, I’d say that you shouldn’t expect to find anything fancy here. It’s worth paying the NPC a visit every now and then, especially after a new Chapter has started. In the example above there are only a few basic Iron weapons, all with E rank. Unless you literally have nothing else to equip, these are a hard pass, but again, it’s going to depend on the situation.

In addition, don’t forget that you have to repair your weapons. Weapon durability may not come as shock if you’ve played other Fire Emblem games, especially since the Fire Emblem: Three Hopes repair feature is similar to what we saw in Three Houses. Of course, while weapons are equally important in both games, you’re constantly using them here due to the Musou nature of the game. While they’re going to last, it’s always best to try and keep them in shape before you jump into the next battle. Depending on who you’re planning on sending over to the task at hand, prioritizing some pieces over others will be key.