Fire Emblem: Three Hopes Achievements Guide – All Rewards

Here's the achievements list of Fire Emblem: Three Hopes and how to unlock them.

Fire Emblem: Three Hopes achievements are aplenty in the game, offering you dozens of challenges that wouldn’t normally be present on the Switch otherwise. If you’ve been missing your school days with Bernadetta, Hubert, Edelgard, and everybody else, the new take on the game is taking things from turn-based to real-time Musou action. This guide lists all achievements in Fire Emblem: Three Hopes and the requirements for them.

If you’re looking for more help, we have guides covering the best facility upgrades, how to get new weapons and how to repair weapons, how to switch permadeath on and off, and all achievement rewards.

Fire Emblem: Three Hopes Achievement Rewards List

Before you look into the achievements, of which there are plenty, here are all the rewards you can obtain for completing X amount of achievements:

Achievement Rewards

  • 3 Achievements: Intermediate Seal x1
  • 10 Achievements: Fruit of Life x1
  • 20 Achievements: Intermediate Seal x1
  • 30 Achievements: Rocky Burdock x1
  • 40 Achievements: Smithing Stone x25
  • 50 Achievements: Premium Magic Herbs x1
  • 60 Achievements: Bullion x1
  • 70 Achievements: Ailell Pomegranate x1
  • 80 Achievements: Advanced Seal x1
  • 90 Achievements: Speed Carrot x1
  • 100 Achievements: Secret Transport Force x1
  • 110 Achievements: Miracle Bean x1
  • 120 Achievements: Advanced Seal x1
  • 130 Achievements: Ambrosia x1
  • 140 Achievements: Large Bullion x1
  • 150 Achievements: Owl Feather x3
  • 160 Achievements: White Verona x1
  • 170 Achievements: Master Seal x1
  • 180 Achievements: Golden Apple x1
  • 190 Achievements: Owl Feather x1
  • 200 Achievements: Wootz Steel x50
  • 210 Achievements: Seraph Robe x1
  • 220 Achievements: Essar Research Group x1
  • 230 Achievements: Energy Drop x1
  • 240 Achievements: Master Seal x1
  • 250 Achievements: Extra Large Bullion x1
  • 260 Achievements: Spirit Dust x1
  • 270 Achievements: Owl Feather x3
  • 280 Achievements: Secret Book x1
  • 290 Achievements: Extra Large Bullion x1
  • 300 Achievements: Agarthium x75
  • 310 Achievements: Speedwing x1
  • 320 Achievements: Platepiercer Fencers x1
  • 330 Achievements: Mountslayer Sorcery Co. x1
  • 340 Achievements: Wingrender Snipers x1
  • 350 Achievements: Independent Mercenaries x1
  • 360 Achievements: Goddess Icon x1
  • 370 Achievements: Owl Feather x3
  • 380 Achievements: Giant Shell x1
  • 390 Achievements: Mythril x100
  • 400 Achievements: Retinue of the Goddess x1
  • 410 Achievements: Talisman x1
  • 420 Achievements: Black Pearl x1
  • 430 Achievements: Umbral Steel x150
  • 440 Achievements: Einherjar x1
  • 450 Achievements: Chalice of Beginnings x1

Fire Emblem: Three Hopes Achievements List

While the Switch doesn’t offer achievements, Fire Emblem: Three Hopes certainly has them. You can find some of the achievements below divided by category as they’re presented in-game:

Battle Prep Achievements

  • Training Grounds Developer: Expand the Training Grounds
  • Recreation Quarter Developer: Expand the Recreation Quarter
  • Marketplace Developer: Expand the Marketplace
  • Shopaholic: Buy something from the shops
  • Culinary Commander: Cook a meal
  • Culinary Dabbler: Learn different recipes
  • Diligent Trainee: Train at the training grounds
  • Unselfish Volunteer: Volunteer at the camp
  • Battalion Boss: Hire a battalion
  • Moodmaker: Achieve morale level
  • Expert Moodmaker: Achieve maximum morale
  • Generous Soul: Give gifts
  • C-Rank Friend: Reach support level C or higher with different unit pairs

Combat Achievements

  • Fierce Fighter: Defeat a number of enemies in battle
  • General Crusher: Defeat a number of enemy generals in battle
  • Warrior Special Aficionado: Defeat enemies with Warrior Specials
  • Partner Special Aficionado: Defeat enemies with Partner Specials
  • Awakening Expert: Trigger an Awakening
  • Arts and Magic Wielder: Deal a number of damage points with combat arts or magic
  • Critical Rusher: Defeat a number of enemies with critical rushes
  • Student of Arts and Magic: Level up different combat arts or magic
  • Master of Arts and Magic: Max out the level of a combat art or magic
  • Armor Breaker: Trigger armor breaks on monsters
  • Wild Demon Beast Slayer: Defeat a Wild Demon Beast
  • Sword is Better Than Axe: Defeat axe-wielding enemies with a sword-type weapon
  • Lance is Better Than Sword: Defeat lance-wielding enemies with a sword-type weapon
  • Axe is Better Than Lance: Defeat lance-wielding enemies with an axe-type weapon
  • Bow is Better Than Gauntlets: Defeat gauntlets-wielding enemies with a bow-type weapon
  • Gauntlets is Better Than Tome: Defeat tome-wielding enemies with a gauntlets-type weapon
  • Tome is Better Than Bow: Defeat bow-wielding enemies with a tome-type weapon
  • Sword Payback: Defeat sword-wielding enemies with a battalion resistant to sword-type weapons
  • Effective Flying Slayer: Defeat Flying enemies by utilizing their weaknesses
  • Effective Armored Slayer: Defeat Armored enemies by utilizing their weaknesses
  • Effective Cavalry Slayer: Defeat Cavalry enemies by utilizing their weaknesses
  • Fire Caster: Deal damage with the Burning status effect
  • Ice Caster: Use Ice-type attacks to inflict the Frozen status effect on enemies
  • Lightning Caster: Deal damage with Shocked status effect
  • Wind Caster: Use Wind-type attacks to inflict the Windtorn status effect on enemies
  • Dark Caster: Use Dark-type attacks to inflict the Spellbound status effect on enemies
  • Light Caster: Absorb HP with Light-type attacks
  • Flawless Victory: Achieve victory without taking any damage to your controlled unit
  • Lords of the Land: Achieve victory with a team of all men
  • Fodlan’s Fiercest Femmes: Achieve victory with a team of all women
  • Sword Comes Out on Top: Attain victory with only sword equipped
  • Lance Comes Out on Top: Attain victory with only lance equipped
  • Axe Comes Out on Top: Attain victory with only axe equipped
  • Bow Comes Out on Top: Attain victory with only bow equipped
  • Gauntlet Comes Out on Top: Attain victory with only gauntlets equipped
  • Tome Comes Out on Top: Attain victory with only tome equipped
  • Armor is All You Need: Attain victory using only armored classes
  • Flying is All You Need: Attain victory using only flying classes
  • Cavalry is All You Need: Attain victory using only cavalry classes
  • Perfect Guarder: Trigger a Perfect Guard
  • Perfect Dodger: Trigger a Perfect Dodge
  • Outright Victory: Defeat an enemy general while at maximum advantage against them
  • Against All Odds: Defeat 100 enemy generals while at a disadvantage

Equipment Achievements

  • Sword Collector: Obtain different sword-type weapons
  • Lance Collector: Obtain different lance-type weapons
  • Axe Collector: Obtain different axe-type weapons
  • Bow Collector: Obtain different bow-type weapons
  • Gauntlets Collector: Obtain different gauntlets-type weapons
  • Tome Collector: Obtain different tome-type weapons
  • Accessory Hobbyist: Obtain different accessories
  • Luin Owner: Obtain the Hero’s Relic Luin
  • Freikugel Owner: Obtain the Hero’s Relic Freikugel
  • Aegis Shield Owner: Obtain the Hero’s Relic Aegis Shield
  • Areadbhar Owner: Obtain the Hero’s Relic Areadbhar
  • Failnaught Owner: Obtain the Hero’s Relic Failnaught
  • Rafail Gem Owner: Obtain the Hero’s Relic Rafail Gem
  • Guardian of the Hero’s Relics: Obtain all Heroes’ Relics

War Map Achievements

  • Topographer: Search surveying spots on the War Map
  • Genius Topographer: Search surveying spots after meeting conditions
  • Victorious Warrior: Achieve victory in battle
  • S Rank Battler: Achieve S Rank on different quests
  • Moneybags: Obtain money
  • Side Quest Savant: Complete side quests

Those are some of the achievements you can find in Three Hopes! There are also Growth and Story achievements, as well as different categories for the ones mentioned above, so have fun unlocking them all.