Final Fantasy VIII Guide: Draw Point Locations

This guide is being consistently updated.

Drawing magic inĀ Final Fantasy VIIIĀ is a vital part of the game’s intricate Junction system. You can’t even cast spells without pulling magic from enemies or Draw Points on the game’s map. These points will be purple if they have magic available, gray if they’ve been recently depleted, or blue if they will recharge soon. Some Draw Points are invisible, but can be revealed using the Draw/Find ability if equipped. These Draw Points are everywhere, so let’s go through each location in the game!

Balamb Garden

The Library

In the Balamb Garden Library, you can go in between the first and second rows of bookshelves to enter another screen. In this screen tucked away to the left is a visible Draw Point. Use it to get some Esuna spells, which are extremely useful in the early part of the game.

Near the Front Gate

Walking out to the Front Gate of Balamb Garden, you’ll come across the above screen with a visible Draw Point to the left. Use it to grab some Cure spells.

Fire Cavern

Third Screen

In the third screen of the Fire Cavern, there are four branching paths. On the rightmost path, there’s a visible Draw Point where you can (unsurprisingly) grab a few Fire spells on your way to face Ifrit. If you miss them the first time around, you can get them on your way out. They’re not particularly useful in this area, anyway.


Near the Weapon Shop

On this screen near the weapon shop in Balamb (the seaside town), there’s a visible Draw Point in the foreground. Grab a few Thunder spells and soak up some rays by the beach or go say hello to Zell’s mom.


Communication Tower Elevator

During the defense of Dollet, you’ll find yourself in this elevator tower. You’ll find a convenient Save Point to the right and a super useful Draw Point to the left. This visible Point will give you Blind spells, which are quite useful to Junction to Status Attack.

More to come…