FFXIV Leveling Guide 80-90: How To Level Alt Jobs Fast (Endwalker)

We walk from the beginning to the end, leveling from 80 to 90 very fast.

You stand at the end of the Final Fantasy XIV leveling process. A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers are behind you. Prepare yourself for the final leg of your journey in Endwalker, the expansion that added Levels 80 to 90 and a few new Jobs. You’re almost done and you can turn your newfound knowledge towards further alt Jobs in the future. We also have a guide for the entire leveling process in one place, if that helps. But here, this FFXIV leveling guide 80-90 will focus on the finer details.

There are no Jobs that begin their starting levels in this range… yet.

Level 80-90 General Details

First off, you should also probably have a stack of any basic consumable food item. All food gives you a 3% bonus to EXP gains from killing enemies. These effects last for 30 minutes per food item consumed and caps at 60 minutes at a time. It’s not a ton, but it will add up over time and shave a bit off your overall leveling grind.

Finally, there’s the Armoury Bonus. This feature gives players a 100% experience bonus for any Job that is lower than their max level Job. So if your primary Job is Samurai, at level 80, then every Job below 80 will benefit from the armoury bonus. This bonus applies to main story quests, dungeon bosses and completion, FATEs, Leves, and Deep Dungeon. Note, the Armoury Bonus is only an additional 50% for the current expansion. This means from level 80-90, the Endwalker levels. For subsequent expansions, you can expect the same.

Levels 80-90

Your daily Duty Roulettes should be your first stop. Roulette queues called Leveling, Main Scenario, and Alliance Raid are well worth the experience, although you can take care of all of them (including Trials, 50/60/70/80, and Normal Raids) if you have the time and inclination. And if you’re a Tank or Healer, the queue times should be relatively short. If you’re willing to do PvP, the Frontline Roulette is also worth it.

One bit of additional questing for experience are the Tribal quests. In this range, you’ll be tackling daily quests for the Arkasadora. To unlock this series of daily quests, you’ll want to grab the quest “Hippos Born to Run” from Kancana in Thavnair (X: 25.3, Y: 31.2). Of course, there are some prior sidequests that need to be taken care of first. Check out our Arkasadora Tribal Quest guide for more information. Once unlocked, you’ll want to grab these dailies for a good chunk of quick experience.

You might also grab the new Guildship Hunts. This is the latest version of the Clan Hunt system that’s been in FFXIV since Heavensward. You’re given a group of targets to hunt down and kill. Once you do, you’ll receive rewards that you can turn in for sweet items and some experience. Combined with FATEs, the Hunts give you something to do while waiting for your Roulette queue to pop, while still getting a good chunk of experience. The link above will show you how to unlock the feature. (You’ll need to have unlocked Hunts already. See below: Level 50-60.)

FATEs are slower than Duty Roulettes, but you do get decent experience and more importantly, you can use the bicolor gemstones you get to buy materials you can sell on the Market Board. I’ll also note that Square Enix will eventually release a new version of the Deep Dungeon. Once that’s released, it’ll probably slot right in as a go-to place to level. 

Another method to level you can weave into your rotation would be using the Trust system to run level-appropriate Endwalker dungeons and rack up EXP from the fights alone. It might not be the most exciting thing to repeatedly run the same instance, but you won’t have to wait for queues which is especially nice for DPS players or those who’ve exhausted their Daily Roulettes.

The Bozjan Southern Front

We covered this in the Shadowbringers leveling guide, but one option that surprisingly still works well is the Bozjan Southern Front and Zadnor. Introduced as a standalone instance and zone in Patch 5.35, this area allows you to partake in an ongoing conflict with its own storyline. Within Bozja, Job levels are synced to level 80 and item levels are synced to 430, so you don’t need to worry about gear.

While in Bozja, you can tackle Skirmishes — which are essentially FATEs — and Critical Engagements, which are like Trials. Engagements are instanced encounters that pop up randomly, akin to boss fights with 24 or 48 players signing up to fight them. You have to sign up for Critical Engagements, and there is a priority system in case the queue exceeds capacity. Priority is gained through completing Skirmishes or paying Bozjan Clusters that drop from mobs on the battlefield. Basically, do Skirmishes until the Critical Engagements pop, and then do those. Rinse and repeat.

The overall composition of Bozja basically encourages a freeform FATE train in a way that most other zones in the game do not. Plus, in addition to all the experience you’re gaining, you’ll also be working on your Job’s Resistance Weapon and getting tons of gil. This was one of the most efficient ways to level from 71-80 in Shadowbringers, and that didn’t change for Endwalker. You can get a level in under an hour.

You’ll unlock the Bozjan Southern Front by picking up “Hail to the Queen” from Keiten (X: 12.2 Y: 12.3 – Kugane). To access this quest, you need to be level 80. You’ll also need to have completed the Shadowbringers main scenario quest “Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty” and the entire Return to Ivalice Alliance Raid questline. Once you’ve unlocked the region, you’ll need to be level 71 with any job to enter.

Zadnor is a later instance in the Bozja questline. You’ll gain far more Mettle, Bozja’s separate zone-based leveling system. If you’re focusing on getting that Resistance Weapon in addition to leveling, Zadnor may be a better choice. I’d personally stick with Bozja, but some have reported that FATE spawns are better in Zadnor.

With this, you’ve finished the leveling process. Time to do it all over again on another job! We also have a guide for the entire leveling process in one place, taking you all the way to level 90 as fast as possible.