FFXIV Eureka Hydatos Relic Weapon Guide, Quest Locations, Crystals, Glowing Armor

Ice and fire give way to Hydatos, the land of water.

The best way to get out of the heat of Pyros is to take a dip into the calm, cool waters of Hydatos. This guide will cover Eureka Weapons, the third iteration of the Relic Weapons introduced in the Stormblood expansion of Final Fantasy XIV. These are the weapons that share the name of the entire Relic Weapon line, so we’ll be referring to them as “Eureka Hydatos,” rather than their real “Eureka” naming scheme. None of these weapons are best-in-slot anymore, so you’re purely doing this for your own satisfaction or those sweet, sweet weapon glamours.

For help on the whole process, be sure to use our main guide for the entire Eureka Relic questline. And if you need help grinding through the different zones, you can use our Eureka fast leveling guide.

How to Unlock Your Eureka Hydatos Relic Weapon

The bright side here is that unlike the previous phases, there are no additional barriers along your path here. Much like the Anemos Relic, it’s just a straightforward process. You can’t start on your Eureka Relic adventure until you unlock the next region of Eureka that shares the same name. You’ll need to grab the “And We Shall Call It Hydatos” from Rodney in Kugane (X: 8.6, Y: 14.2). To be eligible for the quest, you have to finish all of Krile’s Eureka Pyros quests.

The first quest upon entry into Hydatos will unlock Gerolt at (X: 21.5, Y: 13.7). Gerolt will sell you the starting Hydatos weapon that you’ll eventually upgrade into a Eureka weapon, assuming you have completed the upgrade path for the previous Pyros weapon.

The Locations For Krile’s Eureka Hydatos Quests

Like the previous locations in Eureka, there are a series of quests you need to complete first. You’ll first link up with Krile in Eureka Hydatos (X: 20.5, Y: 13.7), who will offer you a series of quests around the new location. These quests are made available at specific Elemental Levels.

  • Level 51: The Central Columns (X: 20.3, Y: 24.8), then The Val River Source (X: 25.7, Y: 30.7)
  • Level 54: The Western Columns (X: 10.6, Y: 29.6), then The West Val River Bank (X: 6.5, Y: 15.7)
  • Level 57: The Western Columns (X: 10.6, Y: 29.6), then The Eastern Columns (X: 31.3, Y: 27.2), then The East Val River Bank (X: 30.8, Y: 14.4)
  • Level 60: The Aetherbridge Foundation (X: 24.0, Y: 30.6)

 As previously mentioned, we can help make this process as easy as possible — be sure to use our fast leveling guide for all Eureka zones.

How to Acquire Hydatos Crystals

Forging your new Hydatos weapon into a Eureka weapon requires a certain combination of Hydratos-specific crystals and other items found within the zone. As before, Hydatos Crystals will drop when you kill Notorious Monsters in the region.

The last item you’ll need is the Crystalline Scale. This item drops from a specific Notorious Monster FATE —  “Crystalline Provenance,” an Elemental Level 50 Notorious Monster that appears in Eureka Hydatos (X: 32.8, Y: 19.5). Finishing the encounter with a Gold rating will net you three (3) Crystalline Scales. You’ll need five of them.

How to Upgrade Your Pyros Weapon to Eureka Hydatos

You can upgrade your Pyros Weapon by talking to Gerolt in Eureka Hydatos (X: 21.5, Y: 13.7). The first upgrade will reward you with a new Hydatos Weapon, which you’ll then upgrade three times to get your final Eureka Weapon. Each upgrade costs a certain amount of Hydatos items.

  • Hydatos: Hydatos Crystals (50)
  • Hydatos +1: Hydatos Crystals (100)
  • Base Name: Hydatos Crystals (100)
  • Eureka: Hydatos Crystals (100), Crystalline Scale (5)

Once you hand over the final set of items, Gerolt will award you with the Eureka Hydatos weapon, marking the end of this series of the Relic Weapon grind! For glamour purposes, this is the end of your journey, as the next upgrade phase does not have a different appearance. If you need a refresher on the process for weapons for other Jobs, head back to the main Eureka Relic Weapon guide. But one last thing for those who want to flex a glowing gear set.

How to Gain the Glowing Elemental Armor

In the previous guide, we covered how to obtain the Elemental Gear sets unique to Eureka. On Hydatos, you can actually upgrade these armor sets twice, but for the purposes of Glamour, you’ll only really need the first upgrade.

You’ll find these new gear sets in Eureka Hydatos. You need to have obtained all 56 Logos Actions in Eureka Pyros, which will activate the Expedition Artisan in Eureka Hydatos (X: 20.5, Y: 13.3). This vendor will sell you the Augmented Elemental Gear at a cost of 30 Hydatos Crystals and the original corresponding piece of Elemental Gear. That means you’ll need a total of 150 Hydatos Crystals to forge your swank, glowing armor!