FFXIV: What To Do During The “In From The Cold” Quest

This confusing duty can be made a bit simpler.

Occasionally in Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll come across a duty that’s a little more obtuse than the rest. Many require you simply to aim forward with weapons held high and skills at the ready. As long as you’re the proper level and your gear is up to snuff, you’ll find a way through.

One of those obtuse duties is “In From The Cold,” a quest you’ll undertake during the Garlemald leg of Endwalker. Without diving deep into spoilers, players will find themselves playing as a character without all of the skills you’ve come to expect from the Warrior of Light. None of your standard job actions are here to back you up. 

You have 25 minutes to complete your objective. The problem is it’s a bit difficult to figure out what those objectives are, and the region you’re in is limited. The only skills you have are pulled from the Gladiator/Paladin kit: a standard weaponskill combo, the Fight or Flight buff, and Rampart to lower incoming damage. You can’t heal; instead, you need to find medical kits on the bodies of dead imperials. 

As a general tip, you want to avoid combat if at all possible. Your resources are limited and if you jump and shimmy over the ruins of Garlemald, you can avoid many of the fights.

FFXIV In From the Cold Part 1

Your stated objective is “Reach Camp Broken Glass in the Time Limit.” Your real objective is to power up a Magitek Reaper to clear the path. After a small test fight, you’ll begin the duty at X: 23.9, Y: 15.0. To the south at X: 23.9, Y: 16.9, you’ll find an Immobilized Magitek Reaper. Interacting with it will give you your real objective: Find the magitek reaper’s identification key and fuel. 

FFXIV In From the Cold Part 2

The identification key is north of the reaper itself. You’ll find a Wounded Imperial at X: 23.5, Y: 16.3, inside a ruined building. They’ll give you the key, leaving you only to require the fuel.

FFXIV In From the Cold Part 3

The fuel is a bit further away. You’ll find a Fuel-Concealing Wreckage at X: 27.3, Y: 13.5. You can actually avoid the nearby fight by remaining a decent distance away from the wreck. When you interact with it, you’ll pick up a ceruleum tank. Carry this back to the Immobilized Magitek Reaper and interact with it to fuel up the machine.

The reaper’s leg is busted, so you can’t move from the spot, but you can use the three attacks — two ground targeted actions and a line area-of-effect attack — to take care of nearby enemies.

The next steps are much easier. Kill the assorted enemies to help out the Armed Imperial Citizens, who will then join your cause. This leads to a bigger fight against a Corrupted Imperial and some smaller enemies. Fight the enemy assigned to you, use Rampart to survive the attack that targets each member of your group, and then stack up when the Stack marker appears. Finally, you’ll hide behind the magitek armor to survive the blast.

You’re almost done! When the screen goes black, be prepared for a quick-time event. Mash that button to retain consciousness! Once that’s done, crawl south towards the camp and the duty is complete.