FF7 Remake Intergrade Gigantipede Guide – How to Beat This Boss

A new DLC story chapter for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake has arrived! The story revolves around Wutai operative Yuffie Kisaragi’s attempt to infiltrate Shinra’s headquarters to steal their ultimate Materia. Set after the events of the base game, players will control Yuffie in this bite-sized adventure. While you will encounter a few tough battles throughout, your first major boss will be the Shinra Gigantipede. This massive mechanized centipede can be pretty tricky if you don’t have the right element Materia equipped or know where to attack it. Here’s how to defeat this oversized robo-bug.

How to Defeat the Gigantipede

Before going into the Gigantipede fight I highly recommend linking both the Lightning and Elementa Materia together. This will infuse Yuffie’s weapon with electrical attacks, allowing her to deal additional damage to this foe. It’s resistant to pretty much every other element, so you will absolutely want to use Lightning Materia in this battle. I also suggest equipping Sonon with Auto-Cure to give you some needed health if you take too much damage during the battle. Before you head in, make sure to also use the bench in the small rest area along the catwalk to fully restore your party’s magic and health.

As for the fight itself, the Gigantipede has two core weak points. The first is its head, which is weak to physical-based attacks, while the tail is susceptible to lightning damage. However, if you attack the tail with lightning it will fill the stagger gauge much faster, making it easier to stun this boss. When this happens, run over to the Gigantipede’s head and lay into it with a Synchronized Attack until the stun wears off. During this section, the Gigantipede will fire missiles, run around the arena, and perform a long sweeping tail whip attack.

FF7 Intergrade Gigantipede

It’s the missiles you’ll want to watch out for, as they can stun-lock Yuffie due to their constant barrage. Try to keep your eye on the head while attacking the tail so you can see when the missiles are fired. When this happens either block them or try to juke these projectiles when they get close. Your main focus should be damaging the tail with electric attacks, so keep wailing away at this area until the boss is staggered. Once you deal about 1/3 damage, the Gigantipede will retreat along the wall and launch a horde of Containment Drones.

Prioritize these drones ASAP. When they lock onto Yuffie it will make the missiles fired from the Gigantipede far more accurate. Destroying the drones right away will make the attacks from the Gigantipede much easier to dodge. When you get an opening either use ranged spells or unleash a barrage of attacks from Yuffie’s ninjitsu magical attacks. Eventually, the Gigantipede will get tired of doing basically nothing and return to the main arena floor. Repeat the process from the opening portion of this fight. If you have the Ramuh summon this is the time you’ll want to use it since the robot will not retreat back up the wall during this battle. Additionally, I strongly recommend holding onto your Limit Break until you move to the final phase.

FF7 Intergrade Gigantipede

Once the final portion of the Gigantipede fight involves the entire head being removed, revealing a massive drill. It will also be much harder to strike the tail since the Gigantipede. If you saved your Limit Break, now would be the time to use it. This will deal a lot of damage to the Gigantipede’s head and fill up a good portion of its stagger bar. If you don’t have your Limit Break, try to keep to the right side of the Gigantipede so you can target its tail. Staggering it one more time should open up enough of a damage window to completely kill this boss. Just remember to target its head after you stun it or you will deal nearly half the amount of damage you could normally do!