FF14 Fashion Report: Easy 80 Points This Week – May 24, 2019

This week is an especially auspicious occasion for the Final Fantasy 14 Fashion Report. It’s the last weekend where you can purchase the Final Fantasy 15 event rewards for FF14: including a fancy flying car, a nice new haircut, and a powerful Triple Triad card. The Regalia mount in particular is especially expensive, at 200,000 MGP. And since the FF14 Fashion Report is such a stellar source of the special currency, procrastinating players are sure to want the influx while they can get it.

Sadly, the “easy 80” — the Fashion Report score that provides the maximum reward for minimal effort — isn’t so easy this week. New players, at least, are in for an especially troublesome time… Whereas veterans (specifically players that have subscribed to FF14 for five months or more) will have a much easier go of things! Let’s get into the details.

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Final Fantasy 14 makes no bones about making its players look good. Fashion is such an important aspect of the game, in fact, that developer Square Enix introduced the FF14 Fashion Report. This weekly challenge lets players play dress-up for fabulous prizes. Well, more specifically the challenge awards massive amounts of MGP (a special currency used in the Manderville Gold Saucer) that can be exchanged for prizes. You just need to earn the ever-elusive easy 80 points in the Fashion Report by wearing the correct clothing every weekend.

Special thanks to the indomitable r/kaiyoko for collating much of this data on the Final Fantasy 14 subreddit each week.

FF14 Fashion Report

FF14 Fashion Report Scoring – The Basics

As always, you want to have at least one random piece of gear equipped to every slot on your character. This will earn you a minimum of 68 Fashion Report points for no work at all! It also doesn’t include Soul Crystals, so don’t worry about whatever Job you have equipped.

From there, you can increase your score by matching the categories laid out by the Fashion Report judge, as well as adding certain dyes. Matching the correct category of clothing to the weekly theme is worth anywhere from 6-10 points. The correct color of dye (e.g. grey, white, black, etc.) is worth one bonus point per slot, while finding the right shade of dye (e.g. Ice Blue, Chocolate Brown, etc.) is worth two points per slot.

Using dye to boost your Fashion Report score is typically easier than matching every category of item perfectly. That’s because most dyes are awfully cheap and accessible, while most pieces of clothing are expensive — or else require high ranks in crafting Jobs to create. That’s not always the case, of course, since some dyes are only available for special currencies or with real money from the Mog Station.

FF14 Fashion Report

FF14 Fashion Report: Easy 80 Points for the Weekend of May 24, 2019

Longtime players have it easy this week. Your best bet is to buy two pots of dye — any combination of one Ice Blue, one Ash Grey, or one Chocolate Brown — from any Dyemonger. These NPCs are found in the merchant districts of all three major cities: Limsa Lominsa, Ul’Dah, and Gridania. And you can scoop up the two pots of dye for a couple hundred gil apiece.

From there, you need to dye whatever headgear you have equipped with the Chocolate Brown. Alternatively, put the Ash Grey Dye on your weapon. Next, apply the Ice Blue Dye to a pair of Tantalus Breeches. These trousers are only available as a 150-day subscriber reward. So, if you’ve been playing for some time, odds are you already have them! If you do, and apply the correct dyes to the proper slots, you’re good to go! That’s your easy 80 points for the FF14 Fashion Report this week.

Unfortunately, not every player will have a pair of Tantalus Breeches. And this is where things get tricky. You’ll need one of the following articles of clothing for one of the following character slots:

  • Head – Explorer’s Bandanna, Expeditioner’s Cap, Ironworks Cap of Gathering, Carbonweave Cap of Gathering.
  • Body – Sailor Shirt, Shirt of the Divine Light, any “Holy Rainbow Shirt of…” category shirt.
  • Legs – Any “Sky Pirate’s…” category pants, Tantalus Breeches.
  • Feet – Any footwear acquired from Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum and/or Pharos Sirius (Hard).

If you have any one of these, or manage to acquire one, you can supplement the rest of your outfit by using two or more correct dyes. The dyes for the FF14 Fashion Report this week are:

  • Weapon – Ash Grey (Dyemongers)
  • Head – Chocolate Brown (Dyemongers)
  • Body – Pure White (Calamity Salvager or real-money purchase)
  • Legs – Ice Blue (Dyemongers)
  • Feet – Jet Black (Calamity Salvager or real-money purchase)

FF14 Fashion Report

FF14 Fashion Report Tips for This Week

First and foremost, at least on my server, the Sailor Shirt isn’t worth your money or trouble. It’s going for a cool 200,000+ gil on Cactuar. I’ve even seen reports that the crafting materials cost more than the finished product, in some cases. Yeesh!

Sky Pirate pants are a damn sight cheaper: between 20K and 80K, depending on your class. And bear in mind that you don’t need to spend extra for the more expensive High Quality versions! The actual stats of the items have no effect on the Fashion Report. The Carbonweave Cap of Gathering is also very cheap where I’m from, but locks you into playing a Disciple of the Land. That might make filling out your accessory slots a tricky proposition, if you haven’t progressed far on one of those Jobs.

The dungeon boots aren’t a terrible option. Endgame players can solo Pharos Sirius (Hard) and Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum with ease, unsynced, for increased odds of finding the right footwear. The boots even drop from the very first boss in both dungeons. So you can beat the first baddie, check the chest, and restart if you don’t get what you need. Of course that doesn’t really help low-level players…

The Expeditioner’s Cap is tricky. It’s technically one of the cheapest options of the bunch, but requires a Copper Voyage Spoil instead of standard cash. That requires you to be in a Free Company with an airship that actually runs exploratory voyages. Your mileage may vary.

And there you have it! This should put you on the right path for the FF14 Fashion Report this week. Be sure to check in next Friday for another update, and instructions on how to farm your 80,000 MGP. Until then, good luck and have fun out there, adventurers!


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