FF14 Dragoon Job Guide: Shadowbringers Changes, Rework, & Skills

Park that spear right here in our Dragoon guide to FF14.

Final Fantasy 14 saw tremendous changes with the release of patch 5.0 and Shadowbringers, its accompanying expansion. But not every class in the game reinvented the wheel. A few FF14 Jobs only saw minor changes. And in some cases, like that of the Dragoon, that’s a good thing! This spear-focused damage-dealer was pretty much fine as they were all throughout Stormblood. But they did get a few tweaks here and there. Which is why we’ve decided to create this FF14 Job guide to the Dragoon in Shadowbringers.

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FF14 Jobs are all going through some major changes in Shadowbringers. The new expansion includes major reworks across the board, as well as two entirely new classes: Dancer and Gunbreaker. Between these additions and another massive payload of story content, Shadowbringers almost makes FF14 feel like an entirely new game. And that’s exactly why you might need help picking your new main Job or Jobs this time around. We’re here to help with another FF14 Job guide — this time for the devastating Dragoon.

FF14 Dragoon Guide Shadowbringers

Dragoon Role – FF14 Shadowbringers Guide

The Dragoon is a melee damage class in FF14. It’s also fairly straightforward, with simple combos and some “off global cooldown” abilities to mix things up. It offers a little bit of utility, in the form of a party-wide critical hit buff, but lost the ability to reduce enemy piercing resistance in Shadowbringers. So it’s more of a “selfish” DPS Job than before (in the vein of the Monk).

Less directly, the Dragoon suffers from just how common DPS players are in FF14. Dragoons rarely benefit from the “Hero in Need” XP and gil bonuses by participating in daily roulettes — except sometimes in Alliance Raids. This makes the Dragoon (and any other DPS class for that matter) somewhat harder to level up than healer Jobs and even tanks in Final Fantasy 14. On the upside, they are a bit simpler to play than the other FF14 Jobs. Although… That’s not entirely true with the Dragoon. They are one of the more complicated DPS classes in the game.

Dragoon Rework – FF14 Shadowbringers Guide

In a lot of ways, the Dragoon is like a melee equivalent to the Black Mage. It’s likely the simplest melee DPS in FF14, almost entirely focuses on dealing damage, and it… didn’t change very much at all in Shadowbringers. Every single skill the class has has been touched in some way. But 90 percent of the changes were purely buffs to damage potency. The actual effects of the skill themselves? They’ll look very familiar to old school Dragoon players. As for new players? This is a fantastic place to jump into the game as a DPS class.

Some minor, but noteworthy changes include a faster Jump animation. Square Enix has slowly been speeding up this skill for… as long as I can remember, really. And the folks in the lab have done it again; you jump faster than ever now. The Dragoon’s AOE combo has also been extended with a third skill at level 72. That makes the Dragoon potentially one of the best mob-clearing classes in the game at the moment. The other combos do what you would expect from a DPS class: damage and damage over time.

You can check out a full account of every Dragoon ability in Shadowbringers right here.

FF14 Dragoon Guide Shadowbringers

Dragoon Tips – FF14 Shadowbringers Guide

  • Mind your positionals. The Dragoon isn’t as reliant on positioning itself properly as the Monk, but it does get some bonus damage and effects on certain skills. If you’re not sure where the “flank” or “rear” of a target is, just look at the red semi-circle that surrounds their feet when you lock onto such a foe. Their front is indicated by a red arrow pointing forward. Their rear is the empty space where the semi-circle doesn’t connect. Everything else? Those are the flanks.
  • Mind your feet. The Dragoon has a great deal of moves with jumping animations (e.g. Jump, Stardiver). These animations are shorter than ever, but they’re still present. That’s especially dangerous in high-level content — when bosses start throwing AOE attacks and stacking debuffs at you. Elusive Jump will also send you flying backwards, where you can’t seen, and possibly into more danger than it saves you from.
  • Mind your manners. It’s hard enough out there in the world right now. Just be cool, y’know?
  • AOE combos are for three enemies or more. It’s typically more efficient to wax damage over time onto foes and deal your normal, single target when fighting two enemies at once. If you’re up against three enemies or more, however, let loose with your AOE combo: Doom SpikeSonic ThrustCoerthan Torment. Obviously that last one only applies after you unlock it, which might take a while.

How to Unlock the Dragoon Job – FF14 Shadowbringers Guide

Like most Jobs in FF14, the Dragoon is accessible at the outset of the game. Sorta. You just need to choose to play as a Lancer at the start. This is the early version of the Dragoon, and will transform into the advanced Job once you reach level 30. You just need to progress through the campaign and the Lancer class quests until you reach level 30. Then the Dragoon Job quest will become available — granting you access to its unique abilities. But if you want to unlock the Dragoon after starting as something else, just head to Gridania and look for the Lancer Guild. The attendant NPC there will get you started.

That’s all for now, folks! Thanks for taking the time to read our guide to the Dragoon in FF14: Shadowbringers. We hope it helps you master this versatile DPS Job to the best of your ability. Until then, good luck learning the new reworks, abilities, and intricacies of the Dragoon going forward.


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