FF14 Astrologian Job Guide: Shadowbringers Changes, Rework, & Skills

Master the Shadowbringers reworks with our tips!

Final Fantasy 14 saw its fair share of changes with the release of Shadowbringers, its third full expansion. Besides a new campaign and more Jobs, a lot of the existing classes have also seen major reworks. That includes the healers: still the only role in FF14 with only three options. And the Astrologian is unique even among these classes. It’s the one and only healer in FF14 that starts higher than level one — making it a go-to choice for veterans looking to pick up a healing Job. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and made this guide to the Astrologian in FF14: Shadowbringers! Let’s check it out

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FF14 Jobs are all going through some major changes in Shadowbringers. The new expansion includes major reworks across the board, as well as two entirely new classes: Dancer and Gunbreaker. Between these additions and another massive payload of story content, Shadowbringers almost makes FF14 feel like an entirely new game. And that’s exactly why you might need help picking your new main Job or Jobs this time around. We’re here to help with another FF14 Job guide — this time for the awe inspiring Astrologian.

Astrologian Guide FF14 Shadowbringers

Astrologian Role – FF14 Shadowbringers Guide

The Astrologian in FF14 is a healer. And it’s a pretty simple — if not always easy — task. You simply need to keep your allies alive! Although even that is slightly more complex when you play the Astrologian. Unlike the White Mage, which almost entirely focuses on raw hit points, the Astrologian also provides major damage buffs to the entire squad. The catch is that playing the Astrologian relies on randomness. You draw cards from a virtual deck, which determine what abilities and buffs you can deploy.

Less directly, the Astrologian benefits from just how uncommon healers are in FF14. Astrologians are very often the most capable of receiving “Hero in Need” XP and gil bonuses by participating in daily roulettes — except sometimes in Alliance Raids. This makes the Astrologian (and any other healer  for that matter) somewhat easier to level up than DPS Jobs and even tanks in Final Fantasy. On the downside, they can be a bit trickier to play than DPS Jobs.

Astrologian Rework – FF14 Shadowbringers Guide

Very little about the Astrologian did not receive a rework in Shadowbringers. The Job’s entire card system was reworked — making it more intuitive and easier to deal with RNG. Draw, skill that lets you summon random cards for various buffs, now goes on cooldown the instant you use it. Whereas before you had to play the card quickly for maximum effectiveness, but sacrificed the ability to play as smart as possible. Now “Play” is its own skill that lets you choose to activate a card whenever you like.

Speaking of cards, the Astrologian gets a taste of the new “charge” mechanic in FF14. The skill Redraw now has three charges you can expend as fast as you like. This should help players quickly and more easily draw the cards they actually want in a given moment.

This is extremely useful for Divination: a new, massive buff that applies two, four, or six percent extra damage to the entire party. The more kinds of cards you draw, the better the buff. It always lasts for just 15 seconds, though.

Meanwhile, the Astrologian can still assume Diurnal or Nocturnal stances before any fight. The former gives certain healing spells a regen effect, while the latter erects a damage barrier on your targets. But the level 80 skill for Astrologians is called Neutral Sect. This ultimate ability just lends 20 percent extra healing potency across the board for 20 seconds. And it works whether you’re using Diurnal or Nocturnal.

Oh, and you can still erect a giant bubble of protection for your allies — or summon an exploding star that heals and damages more, if you let it charge up. But both abilities are now slightly powered down.

TL;DR overall, the identity of the Astrologian remains intact in Shadowbringers. It’s still a support job with a focus on damage buffs to complement its slightly less direct healing skills. But now you should have a much, much easier time getting into the card system.

Astrologian Guide FF14 Shadowbringers

Astrologian Tips – FF14 Shadowbringers Guide

  • Don’t be afraid to throw away cards. Playing Astrologian at high levels means maximizing your damage buffs. Maximizing your damage buffs requires you to Draw and Redraw cards, fishing for three special icons. Since Redraw now has three charges, however, it’s easier than ever to burn through your deck in search of the appropriate cards. Do so!
  • Collective Unconscious is great against ultimate abilities. Many of the later dungeon, raid, and trial bosses in FF14 have these charge-up moves with their own, special gauges. The idea is to complete some kind of mechanic before the gauge reaches 100 percent. If it does, your party wipes. But even if it doesn’t, you will likely take highly telegraphed damage from the boss. It can really hurt… That’s why you should always counteract it with your bubble shield: Collective Unconscious.
  • Different Sects for different jobs. Diurnal and Nocturnal Sect both provide different benefits. Learn the boss you’re about to face and make sure you pick the right stance. Regen from Diurnal is better against bosses that do sustained damage, or drop poisonous hazards. It’s also useful when you know you’re going to get separated from your allies. Whereas the barriers from Nocturnal are better at blocking burst damage that you know is coming (e.g. tankbusters).

How to Unlock the Astrologian Job – FF14 Shadowbringers Guide

Unlike most Jobs in FF14, the Astrologian isn’t accessible at the outset. Instead you need to play through the entire “A Realm Reborn” campaign and reach the Heavensward expansion content. When you reach the quest “Before the Dawn,” you will gain access to the city of Ishgard. This is where you can accept the quest “Stairway to the Heavens” — found in the Pillars region of the city. “Stairway to the Heavens” will unlock the Astrologian in FF14. And unlike base game classes, the Astrologian begins at level 30.

That’s all for now, folks! Thanks for taking the time to read our guide to the Astrologian in FF14: Shadowbringers. We hope it helps you master this  strange healer Job to the best of your ability. Until then, good luck learning the new reworks, abilities, and intricacies of the Astrologian going forward.