Farming Wyrmite in Dragalia Lost – How to Summon More Allies

If you’re playing Dragalia Lost, you probably want more wyrmite (unless you’re just in it for the music). The rare resource is your main way to summon new adventurers, dragons, and wyrmprints without spending real money. The game front loads you with the rainbow-colored stuff. Unfortunately, that fount dries up pretty quickly. So here’s our guide to the best ways of farming  wyrmite to summon more often.

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Daily Quests and Login Bonuses

Here’s an easy one. Every day at 2 a.m. EST Dragalia Lost resets both its login bonuses and daily endeavors. Login bonuses include all kinds of things—from summoning tickets to mana—but occasionally drop a decent stipend of wyrmite. Just log in regularly to grab it!

Daily endeavors are a more consistent source. You just need to beat all five endeavors, shown near the bottom-left of the main menu, to snag 50 wyrmite per day. These challenges include things you really ought to do anyway; like completing quests and performing the daily item summon.

The co-op endeavor is especially lucrative for new players. Each day you can earn 100 eldwater (another rare resource in Dragalia Lost) just for playing with other humans. The first 50 new players you cooperate with earn you another 50 wyrmite apiece. That’s potentially 150 per co-op mission. It doesn’t last forever, but it’s sure a healthy boost.

If you’re not already doing these daily endeavors missions, for whatever reason, get on it.

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Normal and Limited Endeavors

Daily endeavors aren’t the only ones worth wyrmite. There’s also a list of “normal” achievements you can earn once per account. They’re located in the same menu as dailies under a different tab. Some big, not totally obvious ones include setting a multiplayer helper in the options menu and linking your Nintendo account to Dragalia Lost. Together those are worth a whopping 400 wyrmite without even completing a mission!

Limited endeavors work the same way, but are timed to ongoing events. They’re usually very simple, however. You’ll probably complete most of them just by playing the event (which you should absolutely do, since events are the game’s primary content once you beat the story). Just remember that there are usually daily limited endeavors, too. Try to accomplish them while doing your normal dailies to save on stamina and getherwings.

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Leveling Up (Bunny Hopping)

Speaking of stamina, managing it is a great way to earn more wyrmite. That’s because leveling up your profile is worth 50 wyrmite per jump.

Leveling up also boosts your maximum stamina. More than that, it gives you “free” stamina and getherwings over the usual limit. Those are resources you can spend without waiting real-world hours to recharge.

As a refresher, you use stamina to play solo or host co-op matches, while getherwings let you match into other players’ games. Swapping between the two is key to playing indefinitely and earning tons of wyrmite. All you need to do is switch between the two.

Use stamina first. It regenerates much more quickly and in greater quantities than getherwings. In fact, if you don’t plan on playing for a bit, don’t use getherwings at all. Just burn through stamina and come back later. That way you can build a surplus of getherwings to swap to later.

You should absolutely use getherwings (by searching for co-op matches) once you have 44 or more, however. You earn six getherwings every time you level up and the hard cap is 50 (unless there’s a special event going on). If you level up and earn more than 50 getherwings in the process, any that go over the cap are lost forever.

Balancing stamina and getherwings does get harder over time. Each time you level up, you need even more experience points to do it again. But you can “bunny hop” between the two types of stamina for a good, long while.

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Adventurer and Dragon Stories

This one’s slightly dependent on chance, but the odds are in your favor if you’re just farming wyrmite for repeated tenfold summons. That’s because this farming method requires lots of new dragons and adventurers. Tenfold summons are the most efficient way to get both.

Each time you unlock a new adventurer or dragon, you also unlock the first chapter of that character’s personal story. Each is worth 25 wyrmite (the usual amount given by most activities). But that’s not all. Every adventurer has four more story chapters you unlock through their Mana Circles. And each chapter is worth even more wyrmite.

Adventurers’ second chapters are easy enough to unlock. Just spend a bit of mana on the blue node of their first Mana Circle. You don’t just get the new chapter, and the 10 extra wyrmite it’s worth, either. Chapter nodes also boost your characters’ stats. So it’s worth it for the wyrmite, the power boost, and the fun little side story.

The next three chapters are just as simple to unlock, but require more grinding. Chapters three and four are on the second Mana Circle, while the fifth and final one is on tier three. You’ll need lots of wyrm scales and elemental orbs to unlock them all. So consider unlocking the first four chapters of a hero’s story before moving on to the next character. It’s more cost-effective.

Dragon stories are even simpler. You get 25 wyrmite for unlocking the beasts, just like with adventurers. Then you just need to spend rupies on treats for your dragon in the castle menu. Doing so raises their bond. Reaching a level 15 bond unlocks the second story chapter—and the next dose of wyrmite.

That’s it! Just make sure you have enough rupies to buy every dragon treat after every daily reset.

Replay the Story

This option is last on our list because it’s also the most grueling. At some point, you need to replay the story.

That’s a twofold project. The first step is to replay the missions where you didn’t get a three-star rating. Each story mission is worth 25 total wyrmite, but only if you earn every star. That usually means finishing the mission with all your teammates alive. Although it’s sometimes also tied to a time limit.

Perfecting old quests shouldn’t be hard if you already beat the story. Odds are your squads have leveled up plenty since then. At the very least, you’ll have more experience. And re-finishing old missions rewards you with more in-game experience (plus upgrade materials) to become even stronger. It’s not glamorous, but it works.

Once the normal story mode is done, you’re ready for hard mode. This lets you replay every story quest without the usual cutscenes getting in the way. Otherwise it’s basically identical to normal—just harder.

Each stage is worth another 25 wyrmite per perfect clear. And mopping up the normal challenges first will better prepare you (and your adventurers) for the journey ahead. Be warned, though: it’s much harder to find co-op matches on hard. There are a ton of missions to split the player base, most of which are locked behind beating the game on normal, and few people repeat them. So you might be stuck going solo.

And those are all the ways of farming wyrmite so far! We’ll try to update this guide if more get added. In the meantime, you can check out our general guide for more tips on playing Dragalia Lost. Now have fun out there!


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