Far Cry 6 Verdera Key Chest Guide – Flower & El Trompo Criptograma Locations

Far Cry 6 is the latest installment in this long-running FPS franchise and it has you assuming the role of a guerrilla fighter in the totally fictional country of Cuba Yara. Ruled by the vicious dictator Anton Castillo, players will burn, blast, and blow up the militaristic forces occupying this island. Just like previous games in this series, players will venture to various regions in Yara, taking down specific villains, acquiring new weapons, and fighting alongside the locals in typically zany quests.

Throughout Yara, there are also special chests that require players to hunt down two unique Criptograma Charts. These chests are marked as a key on your map and contain powerful gear you’ll want for your fight against Castillo. One of the first key chests you’ll encounter is in the city of Verdera in the Lozania region.

Far Cry 6

How to Unlock the Verdera Key Chest

When you arrive in Verdera, go past the church in the town square and walk down the road on the right. You will eventually reach a gas station at the edge of town with a large billboard on top. Climb up to the billboard to discover the key chest. On the top, you will see Criptograma Charts of a flower and el trompo (a top). Face the rooftops towards the south and you should see a trail of blue climbing points. Make your way to the first raised roof  (shown above) to find the first Criptograma Chart needed. It will be spiked into the supports holding the water tank with a knife, so just approach it and hold Interact to collect this item.

Far Cry 6

Now make your way farther south towards the second raised rooftop (shown above). This will be farther south, but you can see this location from the roof you found the first Criptograma Chart. Once you obtain both of the Criptograma Charts make your way back to the billboard where the key chest was located. Now interact with the chest to open it up. You will be rewarded with the Rioter Helmet MKII which improves your armor-piercing round defense. If you are a person who prefers to just blast their way through enemy bases, this armor piece is definitely worth wearing – especially as you progress farther into Far Cry 6.

Just remember to keep your firearms stowed while you are running around. Verdera has a lot of guards roaming around so it’s usually not worth picking a fight. Tanks also occasionally roll through this town, so it’s definitely advised that you just keep to yourself for now.