Far Cry 6 Oluso Guide – All 3 Triada Relic Locations

Far Cry 6 is the latest installment in this long-running FPS franchise and it has you assuming the role of a guerrilla fighter in the totally fictional country of Cuba Yara. Ruled by the vicious dictator Anton Castillo, players will burn, blast, and blow up the militaristic forces occupying this island. Just like previous games in this series, players will venture to various regions in Yara, taking down specific villains, acquiring new weapons, and fighting alongside the locals in typically zany quests. Animal companions return once again and perhaps the trickiest to unlock is the mountain lion, Oluso. Unlike the other Amigos, you are required to hunt down three Triada Relics all across Yara to trigger their quest.

How to Get Oluso

In order to unlock Oluso you need to discover three Triada Relics scattered throughout each of the primary regions in Yara. What they don’t tell you is these artifacts are actually tied to Treasure Hunts in each region and will require you to finish them if you want your Triada Relic. Since there are no waypoints or indicators where these relics are, it can be easy to play the entire game and never stumble across all of them. Thankfully, I scoured through the jungles of Yara and found these mysterious items.

Before we get into their locations, I should note that I won’t be doing breakdowns for each Treasure Hunt. Mainly because they aren’t terribly difficult and there are some really fun moments that I would rather not spoil. If you can help it, go into these Treasure Hunts blind — especially the one in Valle De Oro. You can also do all of these quests pretty early on in Far Cry 6 once you hit the mainland. Just make sure you’re either at or one level under the Rank requirement for that region.

Triada Relic Locations

Madrugada Relic Location

Valle Del Oro Relic Location 

La Moral Relic Location

Oluwa Cave Quest

Once you collect all three relics, make your way back to the original island you started the game on. Head towards the cave (shown above) and enter via the opening under the white drawings. Make your way down the path until you reach a large open room with some treasure chests on the left and symbols painted on the floor. When you approach the symbols you should be given an Interact prompt, which causes Dani to lay down the three Relics you’ve found. Doing so will cause the front wall to collapse, revealing another room.

Inside is a second chest with some mysterious purple smoke circling it. Don’t worry it’s safe, kinda. Opening the chest will reward you with the Triador stealth Supremo. You’ll also get the La Varita Resolver weapon, which allows you to literally shoot through walls when your Supremo is activated. This is a terrifyingly powerful combo that lets you decimate groups of enemies before they can even react. The only downside is the weapon doesn’t have a silencer on it.

But don’t dwell on your new gadgets, as Oluso doesn’t take kindly to you taking the treasure. This panther will attack using different shadows of itself. Just keeping shooting the attacking shadows until you are prompted to revive Oluso. Doing so will endear the animal to you and add this beast as an amigo. If you are doing a stealth playthrough, Oluso is quite useful since it can stealth takedown enemies. I definitely recommend getting ahold of her as soon as possible.


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