Far Cry 6 Weapons Guide – How to Unlock New & Unique Weapons

Far Cry 6 is the latest installment in this long-running FPS franchise and it has you assuming the role of a guerrilla fighter in the totally fictional country of Cuba Yara. Ruled by the vicious dictator Anton Castillo, players will burn, blast, and blow up the militaristic forces occupying this island. Just like previous games in this series, players will venture to various regions in Yara, taking down specific villains, acquiring new weapons, and fighting alongside the locals in typically zany quests. However, when you start out you’ll arsenal will be rather small and limited to only a few guns. Thankfully, you can expand your collection in a number of different ways in Far Cry 6.

How to Unlock New Weapons

When it comes to obtaining new guns, you will obtain a lot of regular versions by either exploring the world, completing quests, or purchasing them from vendors. Guns are sometimes found in Libertad and FND Caches alongside crafting materials. These boxes are scattered all throughout Yara but are typically found in key locations like cities, restricted areas, or hidden locations in the various regions. Alternatively, you can purchase normal weapons from vendors after you’ve taken control of an FND Base. As you increase your guerrilla rank, more items will become available from Juan’s Arms Dealers.

Far Cry 6

However, if you want some of the best weapons you’ll want to purchase them via the Guerrilla Garrison. This is a special vendor you can only construct at the main guerrilla base in each region. It will cost metal and gasolina to build, but if you have been collecting resources during your journey you should have enough. Remember, you can only make two specialty guerrilla structures per base. I strongly recommend you make the garrison one of the first you create and upgrade.

After building it, you can visit the vendor at the base. Interacting them will bring up a menu containing both basic and advanced weapons. While you can find advanced weapons by exploring Yara, it’s simply easier to just purchase the ones you want first. You can also increase the stock of advanced weapons by leveling up the Guerrilla Garrison at the foreman in the main base. This will also cost more resources, but it’s absolutely worth the effort if you don’t feel like hunting for guns in the jungle.

Far Cry 6 Unique Weapons

How to Get Unique Weapons

Unique Weapons are a little different, as they are guns you cannot mod, change the appearance of, or customize. However, these firearms have special perks and are definitely some of the strongest guns in the entire game. You cannot purchase Unique Weapons from a vendor or find them in a supply cache lying around. These are only obtainable by completing quests, Treasure Hunts, or opening Unique Weapon boxes. The latter will be your most common method, as these boxes are typically hidden in areas throughout Yara such as high-security bases, large puzzle rooms, or key locations like major cities or points of interest. These boxes are easily identifiable thanks to the wooden crocodile on top of the suitcase.

If you are unsure where to find a specific Unique Weapon, go into your menu and select the “Arsenal” tab. From here, you can examine any Unique Weapons you haven’t located so far. Highlighting them will tell you exactly how to unlock them such as completing a specific Treasure Hunt or searching in a certain area. Just remember, some areas may have a higher level than others, so you won’t be able to get every Unique Weapon right away.