Fanbyte Makes: ‘Wattam’ Origami

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Keita Takahashi’s long-awaited return to games is finally here. Wattam is a “goof-around simulation” published by Annapurna. One of the main characters of the game in the Mayor, a green cube with a top hat full of explosives. He acts as your guide around the whimsical world of Wattam, helping to solve puzzles and unlock new friends. 

Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, seemed like just the thing to tie Wattam to a craft. So in this piece, I’ll be showing you how to create your very own little Mayor out of paper and pipecleaners.

I detailed the important steps to drawing and inserting the arms in this tutorial, so I have added an additional standard paper balloon tutorial you can find here that you may find easier to follow. As the standard preface, there is no perfect way to do this craft so long as you have fun and enjoy yourself! This craft is great for all ages and I highly encourage children and adults to give this a try. 


  • origami paper, green (I used TANT Origami paper, which you can purchase here)
  • pipe cleaners, moss color 
  • a flat surface to fold on
  • a push pin to place holes
  • felt tip marker

1. To begin, first fold your paper in half both ways and unfold. Next, fold the bottom up to meet the middle and crease gently. Do this for all four sides. Unfold all folds and lay paper flat. 

2. Draw your face. This will be located on one of the gentle creases you placed, approximately a half inch from the bottom of the paper in the middle. 

3. Place your holes as guidelines for the pipe cleaner later. Place holes using a pin on the guide creases on the left and right along the middle crease.

4. Now, begin the regular paper balloon tutorial, making sure that you have folded the face so you can still see if it is in a square. 

5. Follow the rest of these photos along with the instructions provided until you finish the paper balloon. 

6. Your paper balloon/Mayor should look like this! Now, taking a pipe cleaner, open the side folds enough to find your guide holes. Poke the pipe cleaner through the hole and follow to the other side. This may take a few tries, but once you poke it through, pull it to the other side. This will be the arms. 

7. Cut the remaining pipe cleaner so the arms aren’t too long. Using the scrap pipe cleaner, we will create the legs. Twist the pipe cleaner to create a loop and add feet on both ends. 

8. Push the loop into the bottom hole, where you blew up the balloon. Shape your arms and feet and enjoy!


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