Fall Guys Show Guide – Every New Mini-Game in Season 3

Fall Guys Season 3 is here and it’s all about embracing the holiday spirit. Revolving around a winter theme, this new season will introduce seven new mini-games, a bunch of cosmetics, and a brand new way to flex your skills to all the other beans. Of course, the biggest attraction is the new shows, which are available to all players for free when they finish downloading the latest Fall Guys update. Here is a breakdown of the seven new mini-games introduced this season.

Fall Guys Season 3 Mini-Games

Ski Fall

Taking Hoopsie-Daisy and flipping it on its head, Ski Fall has beans launching themselves down a massive slope. The objective is to jump through bronze, silver, or gold hoops until they achieve 15 points. Along the way, players will need to dodge various obstacles and other beans in an attempt to score enough points to qualify. If you reach the bottom and haven’t qualified, you’ll be sent back to the top of the slope to try again.

Freezy Peak

Unlike other gauntlet maps, Freezy Peaks spawns players all around the outer edges of the map. When it begins, players have to climb up a massive mountain full of flippers, punchers, fans, and giant snowballs. This will eventually bring all the players together in a final sprint towards the finish where they’ll ride the wind and have to navigate a moving maze of walls.

Snowy Scrap

In Snowy Scrap, three teams will need to roll a ball over snow patches to increase its size. The area features multiple levels and clumps of snow that will test your squad’s ability to rapidly maneuver a snowball. This will certainly be the most divisive of the new mini-games, as it’s easy to quickly fall behind if you’re the last team to reach the center.

Tundra Run

Another Gauntlet mini-game, Tundra Run is definitely the most traditional of the new shows introduced in Season 3. At the start, players will all rush towards the finish line while dodging punchers, fans, and a lot of flippers scattered throughout the map. There are also some shortcuts laced through for those who are confident in their skins. Just becare of the ice, as it can be tricky to make pinpoint moves while running!

Thin Ice

Similar to Hex-A-Gone, players will need to be the last bean standing as the tiled below them vanish. The catch is, there are only three layers and they are stacked on top of one another. Additionally, the tiles won’t vanish right away, but begin to crack the longer you’re on them. The round will keep going until one bean is left standing victoriously over the others. This mini-game is all about managing your time on the ice while avoiding any tiles that are about to shatter.

Penguin Pursuit

Apparently, Mediatonic thought it would be hilarious if the eggs could run around the map. For this mode, teams have to chase after a fast-moving mechanical penguin and grab hold of it. As you hold the penguin you’ll score points for your team. This can get hectic fast, as players will need to think both offensively and defensively to complete this mode.

Roll Off

The last new map additional is a final round variant of Roll Out. For this mode, the last remaining players must navigate the rotating platforms which will drastically increase in speed as time goes on. Additionally, slime will rise up and for players to make quick movements in the middle, rather than riding the roller all the way to the end. It’s easily one of the trickiest final mini-games in Fall Guys and will require lightning-fast reactions to consistently survive.