Fall Guys Show Bucks Guide – How to Get Show Bucks for the Store

Here's how to earn some Show-Bucks for free in Fall Guys.

Fall Guys has officially gone free-to-play! Along with releasing on Xbox and Nintendo Switch, developer Mediatonic is adding several new game modes and making big changes to the game’s overall structure. While you will still be tumbling, rolling, and falling a lot, Fall Guys has a new reward structure to accommodate its free-to-play release. Perhaps the most notable alteration is to the game’s economy which has simplified the use of the different currencies. With Crowns no longer factoring into what skins you can purchase from the store, players will now use either Kudos or the brand new Show-Bucks.

How to Get Show-Bucks

There are two ways to get Show-Bucks in Fall Guys. The first is simply by purchasing them with real money in the game’s new shop. When you select the cart icon at the top you will be taken to the store. Scroll over to the “Show-Bucks” tab and select which bundle you want to buy. Prices range from $7.99 to $79.99, so buy whichever one works for you. It appears that most skins cost a little under 1,000 Show-Bucks, so be prepared to pay a minimum of $7.99 if you want to pick up a costume you like. You can also purchase the Season 1 starter pack which comes with two sushi roll skins, a nameplate, and 1,000 Show-Bucks.

Fall Guys Show Bucks

Alternatively, you can earn Show-Bucks by ranking up the Season 1 battle pass. At tiers 7, 15, 21, 31, 42, 47, 54, 59, 62, 66, 71, 80, 87, 91, and 100 you will earn 100 Show-Bucks. This is a total of 1,500 Show-Bucks if you complete the entire battle pass before the season ends. This is a terrific way to earn some of this currency just by playing, allowing you to save this currency for when there’s a skin you really want. You can level up your battle pass by completing various challenges which reward experience. These can range from qualifying in different mini-games or just completing a game of Squad Showdown.

As for the other currencies, Kudos are what you earn for just playing the game and can be used to also purchase items in the shop. Along with the items sold for Show-Bucks, Mediatonic is also offering skins for those wanting to spend their Kudos. These can be found in the “Items” tab when in the shop menu and will rotate either every week or daily depending on the item. Most cosmetics a couple of thousand Kudos, so be prepared to spend a lot if you want all the skins. However, if you had any leftover Crowns from previously playing, these will be converted automatically into Kudos.

Speaking of Crowns, while you cannot buy anything with Crowns anymore you can still earn cosmetics by acquiring them. In the battle pass menu, select the crown icon in the top right corner to bring up this separate rewards tracker. Unlike the battle pass, the only way to progress through the Crown tiers is, well, by earning Crowns obviously! These are the ultimate flex items since they cannot be purchased and let everyone know you have won quite a few games of Fall Guys.