Fall Guys Season 2 Guide – New Skins, Rounds, & More

There are still 39 days left in the debut Fall Guys season, but many players are wondering what’s next. The good news is Mediatonic has finally given us a brief look in an all-new trailer. For Fall Guys Season 2 we’re going medieval! As you’d expect, the season’s new launch comes alongside all new skins to earn via the free season pass. But fans of the game are probably even more excited for the addition of new rounds! We break down everything we know in this Fall Guys Season 2 guide! Who’s ready to be the winning bean?

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New Features

There are two new major additions in Fall Guys Season 2: mobile platforms and drawbridges. Mobile platforms are exactly what they sound like. These are objects which you can push around the map to help you climb to new heights. Use them to get where you need to go or drag them away to stop opponent’s from doing what they want. Drawbridges on the other hand, are a bit more complicated. We know you can lower them simply by walking on top of them. But is it possible to draw them back up again? Time will tell!

New Rounds (AKA Minigames)

From what we can tell there are five new rounds coming to Fall Guys in Season 2! Keep in mind that no names have been announced, we’ve just made these up to make it easier to discuss.

Castle Climb

Short of See Saw, there are few solo games in Fall Guys where you need to work together. Each of these four walls gets progressively higher and you’ll have to push around blocks and ramps to get yourself up and over. You can opt to pull blocks away from folks, but that won’t help your progress going forward.

Moat Rush

Traps abound in this point to point race. First you’ll need to get through some swinging axes then cross a few rotating wooden spike traps without falling. After that there’s a slippery slope through some 360 degree spinning axes which will surely attempt to knock you off. Then there’s the double rotating logs which will require you to make some real dashes before they rotate back around and hit you. Finally, there’s the moat crossing itself where three drawbridges can be raised/lowered.

Castle Egg Scramble

Similar to the current Egg Scramble map, but set in a castle. Raise or lower drawbridges to make things easier or harder on your enemies and teammates.

Castle Hoopsie Daisy

Another castle reimagining, this Hoopsie Daisy match will require use of the drawbridges and mobile platforms to reach all of the required heights.

New Skins

Seven new skins have been confirmed as part of Season 2 though we don’t know which ones are included in the season pass just yet. There were even more medieval themed skins in the gameplay trailer so make sure to look for those too!


Gold Viking




Red Viking


Colorful Dragon / Black Armor Squire


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