Fall Guys Mid Season Update – Every Mini-Game Change

A substantial update for Fall Guys has just hit that is altering quite a few of the mini-games you know and love. Titled the “Mid Season Update,” these alterations are designed to keep users on their toes and ensure total bean chaos. Perhaps the biggest addition is Big Yeetus, a randomly spawning spinning hammer that can appear in almost any level. Designed to smack beans around, this hammer can prove to either be a fearsome foe or a useful tool for catching up with the pack. However, there have also been minor variations made to a number of mini-games in an attempt to balance them.

Keep in mind, these are now alterations that appear to be in rotation with the older variants. For example, my first game had a Gate Crash with wildly different gate cadence, while my second was the original version when Fall Guys launched. These are remixed versions and whether you get one is completely random. Big Yeetus is also completely random, so don’t expect to see this spinning hammer of doom in every show. Below is a list of every mini-game change or remix with the exception of Big Yeetus since that appears anywhere.

(Author’s Note: We will update this list as new remixes are discovered.)

Mid Season Update Mini-Game Changes

  • Gate Crash – The timing for the gates raising and lowering has been significantly altered. You’ll need to learn the new patterns if you want to quickly move through.
  • Hit Parade – There are now bumpers in front of the slime ramp and the bumpers now slide across the entire length of the slime ramp. Alternatively, swinging balls can spawn near the beams at the start and hammers will replace the pushers at the end.
  • Slime Climb – The speed of the second wall of pushers has been changed so they aren’t as easy to run past. Hammers may also replace the swinging balls at the top.
  • See Saw – New middle path after the first set of seesaws and some of the seesaws now face the goal instead of all being horizontal.
  • Dizzy Heights – Various pieces of fruit can spawn at the end section and swinging balls will appear throughout the middle spinning plates.
  • Hoarders – Hammers or pushers will spawn at each of the three colored segments.
  • Whirly Gig – Hammers spawn between the three big fans and the ramp.
  • Roll Out – Additional hazards on the course and hammers at the end.
  • Fall Mountain – More hammers and pushers spawn near the top
  • Fall Ball – Horizontal hammers can spawn on either side or the middle will now be a spinning disk.

Personally, I see all the changes as nothing but beneficial to Fall Guys. Quite a few of the mini-games needed some tweaks to make them more engaging or from becoming stale. Big Yeetus is also a great addition since it can help a player quickly catch up if they had a poor start. Remember, you want to jump into the hammer, not just let it smack you when you run in front of it. This will give you more momentum in whatever direction it’s facing, allowing you not literally fly over the competition.

The Fall Guys Mid Season Update is live on PC and PS4.