Fall Guys Kudos Guide – How to Get Kudos & What They’re For

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the adorable multiplayer game that tasks players with surviving multiple rounds of adorable mini-games. Starting out with 60 players, that number will steadily decrease as the game progresses until one user is able to claim the golden crown for themselves. There are no skills, additional abilities, or equipment pieces you can unlock. Everything is strictly cosmetic, a lot of which is tied to the game’s version of a battle pass. Players can dress up their adorable bean in different outs, patterns, and colors to really make them stand out during a game. However, some of these items are locked behind the in-game store and require either Kudos or Crowns to purchase.

How to Get Kudos

While Crowns are much rarer, Kudos is handed out pretty generously as you progress through the game. This currency is obtainable in a number of different ways, but the most common method is to simply play the game and complete mini-games. Progressing through mini-games will earn you Kudos, regardless if you are eliminated later on or not. Keep in mind, the better you do the more Kudos will be rewarded at the end of the match, so always try to hardest!

Additionally, you can earn a total of 19.500 Kudos for completing the entire battle pass. Throughout the pass, you will unlock more and more Kudos as you progress. Experience towards the battle pass is also tied to how many mini-games you complete and where you place in some of the rounds. This makes it easy to amass a lot of Kudos to use in the game’s store to buy additional cosmetic items. Alternatively, you can purchase Kudos with real-world money via the PlayStation or Steam Store. Here are the prices and amount of Kudos in each bundle:

  • 12,500 – $4.99
  • 27,500 – $9.99
  • 78,000 – $24.99
  • 170,000 – $49.99

Finally, you can get 10,000 Kudos for purchasing the Deluxe Edition of Fall Guys. This bundle also includes the pirate, fairycorn, and astronaut outfit. So if you want some early coins and outfits this is a solid bundle, but it’s not necessary for enjoying the game. Unless you really love Fall Guys, I recommend just purchasing the normal version since you’ll be showered with Kudos for just playing.

How to Spend Kudos

Now that you have all these purple coins weighing down your jelly bean’s pockets, what do you spend them on? To use your Kudos, go to the main menu and then click the shopping cart icon at the top of your screen. This will open up the store where you use your coins and Crowns to buy new items for your jelly bean. Prices for items vary between 1,000-8,000 Kudos, with only the rarest of featured items costing users a significant amount of Kudos. Remember, you don’t need to spend your Kudos, however, this currency has no other purpose outside of the store.

Remember, Featured Items will rotate out of the store every three days, while Regular Items come and go every 24 hours. Personally, I like to just pick up different colors since they are relatively cheap and can be used with any outfit you’re wearing. If you’re reading this on launch day, know that the servers have been struggling due to the sheer amount of traffic around this game, so your transactions may not go through.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on both PC and PS4 starting today.