Fall Guys Hex-A-Gone Guide – Tips & Tricks for Hex-A-Gone

There are a lot of mini-games in Fall Guys, but one of the trickiest to master is the final game, Hex-A-Gone. Typically boasting between 8-12 players, this mini-game is comprised of multiple tiled floors over a pool of pink slime. A tile will disappear within a second after someone touches it, dropping anyone on that tile to the floor below. Whomever is the last bean left wins the game and claims the coveted Crown for their troubles. This may sound simple, but Hex-A-Gone is fiendishly difficult if you’re up against knowledgable players.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve victory on one of Fall Guys’ toughest mini-games:

Hex-A-Gone Tips

Learn When to Jump

Perhaps one of the most popular and crucial tactics for survival is understanding when to jump from platform to platform. Instead of just sprinting across the tiles, there’s just enough time to hop from one to another. Not only does this allow you to make more precise movements, but your time on as floor with drastically increase. Jumping is one of the best strategies if you are either above or way below your opponents. Given how slow it is to clean out a line while jumping, you can waste a lot of time just hopping about. Just make sure to always plan your route as your jumping to ensure that you don’t end up cornering yourself when there are still places you could have hopped to.

Jumping is also great if you accidentally fall one too many floors below your foes. Since it takes so long to clear an entire floor while only jumping, you can catch up to the rest of the room. Any moment where you aren’t trying to be aggressive towards other players you should be jumping from tile to tile. Don’t forget, you also have enough time to dive onto a tile and then jump to the next one before it vanishes.

Be Ruthless

It’s time to put your big bean boy pants on and get mean. Hex-A-Gone is winner takes all, so you’ll need to also worry about eliminating the competition. While some will end up eliminating themselves, others may need a gentle nudge into oblivion. Always keep an eye open for opportunities to cut your opponent’s path off. Since a player can dive across the space of one tile, if you manage to remove two tiles ahead of them they will not be able to progress. Use this to your advantage as you run or jump around the board. This is especially true in the beginning when everyone’s fighting for space. Try to carve out your own little area to not only deny them tiles but ensure they cannot reach you.

Don’t Get Tunnel Vision

That being said, it’s important to know when you should cut your losses and just leave someone alone. I’ve seen countless players waste their chance at victory because they were too focused on eliminating another person. If something isn’t working out, just go back to hopping across the tiles. This is especially true when you are on the final couple of layers where any wrong move could eliminate you. Once you’re near the bottom I recommend playing a little more conservatively – especially if there are others will a lot of space to maneuver.

Plan Your Descent

Tying in with knowing when to back off, it’s critical you plan where you will end up falling. There’s a very high chance that the floors below you will only be comprised of a dozen or so tiles. Because of this, you want to make sure you have a place to land when you drop. If I’m on a floor alone, I like to angle my camera slightly downward so I can see what’s happening on the floors below me. This gives me more information and time to plan where I am going to descend.

Another, far riskier tactic, is to just fall all the way to the bottom of the arena and then rip apart the middle portion of the last floor. This will cause anyone who is coming down to most likely plummet to their doom. But this is a double-edged sword, because if someone sees you doing this then they will most likely take their time before reaching the final level. I personally don’t recommend this tactic, despite it gaining popularity thanks to social media. People expect this of players now and you can easily end up eliminating yourself once you run out of space.

Now get out there bean and start showing everyone else why you deserve the crown!


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