Fall Guys Cuphead Skin Guide – How to Get the Cuphead Outfits

Ready? Wallop!

There are a lot of skins in Fall Guys, a lot of which are tied to the game’s two currencies, Kudos and Crowns. From the various video game crossover skins to the special golden outfits that are only awarded to those that have a lot of wins, players are always looking for the next adorable look for their bean. With the fourth season right around the corner, players who have been stockpiling crowns will have something to spend them on this Wednesday and Saturday. A crossover with developer StudioMDHR’s Cuphead has been revealed, which will allow players to dawn costumes of Mugman and Cuphead.

How to Get the Cuphead Skins

The Cuphead skins are broken up into two separate outfits: Cuphead and Mugman. These will be comprised of a top and bottom outfit, with each set going on sale for a few days before the other rotates into the store. What this means is, if you miss your chance to buy the Cuphead skin it will probably be a very long time before it’s in the store again. Cuphead will be available starting today with Mugman taking his spot in the store Saturday, February 27. Both the top and bottom portions of each outfit will cost 5 Crowns, meaning you’ll need 10 crowns to own an entire outfit for just one of these characters.

There is also a new emote called The Cuphead which has your bean use his finger cannon while making sounds from the game. Unfortunately, there are no other methods for obtaining this skin at the time of writing this. It doesn’t matter how many wins you’ve gotten or the amount of Kudos that are stockpiled. If you don’t have Crowns, these skins will be unavailable. If you haven’t completed the Battle Pass, this is a great time to do it. You can earn quite a few free Crowns by just leveling this up.

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Fans of Fall Guys will be happy to know that Season 4 is scheduled to launch sometime in early March. With the Season 3 battle pass ending on March 1, it wouldn’t be surprising if the new season released sometime next week. Similar to previous seasons, there will be a unique theme that ties into all the new skins and mini-games introduced. While many fans speculated about what it could be, Mediatonic confirmed on Twitter that it will have a futuristic theme.

Called Fall Guys 4041, the brief teaser makes it seem as if it will be an 80s depiction of the future. The teaser has the same quality you’d find on a VHS tape and the bright neon visuals are definitely more inspired by the 1980s than our current depiction of advanced technology, aliens, and robots. We suspect more will be revealed as we grow closer to the end of Season 3, so make sure to check back with us!