Fall Guys Crown Guide – How to Get Crowns in Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the adorably competitive multiplayer game that mixes the zaniness of Mario Party with the battle royale formula. Similar to other battle royale titles, all of Fall Guys unlocks are strictly cosmetic. There are no additional moves, items, or abilities you can obtain by playing this game and progressing through the battle pass. Everything you can obtain solely revolves around dressing up your jelly bean in adorable outfits, patterns, and colors. These items are unlocked by spending either Kudos or Crowns, which are the two in-game currencies you can earn.

How to Get Crowns

You can only unlock Crowns by reaching certain levels in your battle pass or by winning a complete game of Fall Guys. This makes them exceedingly rare, as claiming the number one spot in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is pretty tricky. There are a lot of variables that go into one’s performance during each mini-game, as luck does play a not so insignificant factor. You’ll also have mini-games that make you reliant on your team, which adds another unpredictable variable. All of this is to say the average player won’t likely earn a lot of Crowns in Fall Guys. Since one win awards a single Crown, it will take a lot of time to gather enough to purchase key cosmetics.

Thankfully, you can earn some via Fall Guys’ battle pass. As you progress through the battle pass, you will earn a single Crown at ranks 5, 20, and 32. To level up your battle pass, all you need to do is play Fall Guys and complete individual mini-games. The better you do, the more experience you will earn towards your next level. It will take some time to hit the max rank of 40, so don’t push yourself unless you really, really want a certain cosmetic in the store.

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How to Spend Crowns

Now that you have some Crowns, you can use the in-game store to purchase new outfits. These typically cost around 5 Crowns a pop, so you’ll need to win a lot of matches if you want a complete top and bottom Featured Items outfit. To get to the store, go to the main menu and then click the shopping cart icon at the top of the screen. This will take you to the store where you can spend either Crowns or Kudos on a rotating list of cosmetics. While Kudos can be purchased with real-world money, Crowns are only obtainable via the methods above. Because of this, you’ll want to be more selective with what you spend them on.

Personally, I recommend just hoarding all your Crowns until you find an outfit that you really like. Assuming every seasonal battle pass only awards three Crowns, you will need to put in a lot of work to purchase a full outfit!