Every Exotic Weapon You Should Get Before Destiny 2: Beyond Light Moves Them

Destiny 2’s next expansion, Beyond Light, is scheduled to release on November 10. Along with introducing a bunch of new and old content, Bungie has decided to vault four destinations and the Leviathan when the DLC goes live. This means Mars, Mercury, Io, Titan, and the Leviathan will be unavailable for users to play until Bungie decides to reintroduce them. While this is a critical step in keeping the game from feeling stale, it also means that a bunch of exotic weapons and catalysts will need to find a new home.

Bungie has been quiet on what their plans are for the old exotics that were previously tied to destinations. We assume that many of them will simply be folded into the loot pool, but others such as the raid exotics Tarrabah and Anarchy could be locked behind new quests or endgame activities. Additionally, there are several catalysts that will be unaccounted for. This won’t be as much of a problem for veteran players who almost assuredly possess most of the items of this list. However, if you’re new to the franchise or returning, here are the exotics weapons and catalysts you might want to chase down before Beyond Light releases.

While we know that these items will be available when Beyond Light launches in fall, how they are obtained is us mystery. It’s possible that some are dropped into the loot pool, but raid Exotics like Anarchy suddenly being available for essentially no work might upset the community. Because of this, we recommend collecting all the exotics and their catalysts below before the rotation. It’s unclear if every Exotic will move at once in fall or if they will be distributed in waves throughout Year 4.

Here are the exotic weapons and catalysts that you should collect before the fall expansion:


Exotics & Catalyst Going Away – Destinations


  • Izanagi’s Burden (Quest step on Io)
  • Whisper of the Worm
    • Whisper of the Worm Catalyst


  • Lumina (Quest step on Mars)
  • Polaris Lance
    • Polaris Lance Catalyst
  • Sleeper Simulant
  • Worldline Zero
    • Worldline Zero Catalyst


  • Truth
  • Izanagi’s Burden Catalyst (Heroic Only)


  • Thorn (Quest step on Titan)
  • Outbreak Perfected (Quest step on Titan)

Tribute Hall

  • Bad Juju
    • Bad Juju Catalyst

There are a lot fo exotics tied to destinations or activities on destinations that ar being vaulted. While you should certainly try to collect all of them, the weapons I recommend are Bad Juju, Truth, Lumina, Izanagi’s Burden, Whisper of the Wurm. All of these are viable endgame weapons for either PVE, Crucible, or Gambit. Keep in mind, the majority of the Outbreak Perfected’s quest can be done elsewhere, however, it’s initiated on Titan. You’ll also want to start now if you plan on getting the Bad Juju since filling up the Tribute Hall takes an exhausting amount of time – especially if you’re lacking key resources like Bright Dust.

Exotics & Catalyst Going Away – Raids

Crown of Sorrows

  • Tarrabah

Eater of Worlds

  • Telesto Catalyst


  • Legend of Acrius
    • Legend of Acrius Catalyst
    • Skyburner’s Oath Catalyst

Scourge of the Past

  • Anarchy

Spire of Stars

  • Sleeper Simulant Catalyst

For those looking to pick up raid weapons, Anarchy should be at the top of your priority list. It’s one of the best PVE weapons in the entire game and with the loot cap removed, you can farm this weapon infinitely. You can skip out on Tarrabah since it’s probably the worst Exotic in the game and the Skyburner’s Oath catalyst isn’t worth the effort. That being said, the Legend of Acrius and Sleeper Simulant could be worth picking up as we head into Beyond Light.

The latter has been collecting dust in player’s vaults for months, but all it needs it a small buff to really make it a boss DPS contender. If that doesn’t concern you, then Spire of Stars doesn’t offer much outside of the Luxurious Toast emote. I still recommend hunting down all the game’s exotics, as a lot of the quests are pretty entertaining and serve as a nice dose of content for those new to Destiny 2.


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