Everything We Know about Shenmue 3 (So Far): Release Dates & Details

After a very, very long wait, Shenmue fans will finally be able to continue the wacky adventures of Ryo Hazuki with Shenmue 3. The new narrative title is releasing this year, and we have all the important tidbits for you below — including its release date and details about the game itself. Give it a look and prepare yourself for the continuation of this cult classic series!

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What is Shenmue 3?

Shenmue 3 is the long-awaited sequel to the Dreamcast classic Shenmue and its multi-platform sequel Shenmue 2. The continuation of Ryo Hazuki’s quest for revenge seemed unlikely for quite a long time. However, director Yu Suzuki took to Kickstarter in 2015 to fund the game. Now, it’s finally coming out this year! Although we have no clue if it will really wrap up the saga this time around, or if we’ll need to wait on yet another sequel for that to happen.

In fact, we don’t really have many concrete story details for Shenmue 3. It definitely takes place right after the end of Shenmue 2, though. And it seems like it will play similar to the previous games. If you’re familiar with the Yakuza series (also published by Sega), Shenmue is a bit like that — a 3D brawler with lots of wacky side activities to do in a small, but very detailed city environment.

When is the Shenmue 3 Release Date?

The Shenmue 3 release date has already been pushed back multiple times, but it appears the game will finally be available on Aug. 27, 2019.

What Consoles is Shenmue 3 Releasing On?

Shenmue 3 will be available on PlayStation 4 and PC. There’s no word on an Xbox One release yet. That makes sense, since Sony is putting up some funding for the game (though it’s being published by Deep Silver). That’s somewhat odd, since Microsoft actually published an enhanced port of Shenmue 2 on the original Xbox way back in the day. This series sure has been around the block a few times!

Do I Need to Play the Previous Shenmue Titles To Enjoy Shenmue 3?

Absolutely. Shenmue 3 directly continues the plot from the first two games, so if you don’t play them, you’re not going to have much of an idea of what’s going on.

Thankfully, while the titles were originally released on the Dreamcast, Shenmue and Shenmue 2 got HD remasters last year for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This is the definitive way to play these games by far. Whether you’re new to the series, or just replaying to remember what happened, you have a few options available!

What Else Should I Know About Shenmue 3?

There Are Still Mini-Games – Shenmue 3 won’t shy away from the mini-games that made its predecessors famous. We don’t know what everything that will be available just yet, but we know for sure that Ryo will at least be able to waste his time with arcade games.

Quick Time Events Are Back – The original Shenmue didn’t just popularize quicky side games. Quick Time Events (or QTEs) have a kind of bad rep in the industry, but they were a big part of the Shenmue series. They’ll be back in full force for Shenmue 3.

Fighting Will Be Different Suzuki has stated that fighting in Shenmue 3 will be more choreographed than previous entries. He hopes that battles feel more like puzzles than anything else, as players try to figure out the right move to use for the situation at hand.

The Graphics Were updated… and Then Updated Again – When players first saw the trailers for Shenmue 3, they were very worried about how the characters faces sort of… didn’t move. Thankfully, the graphics for Shenmue 3 have been further enhanced. The characters look a lot more expressive now. Given that this is supposed to be an emotional adventure, it seems pretty important for the cast to actually portray their emotions on their faces, too.


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