Everything We Know About Control (So Far): Release Dates & Details

Are you ready for a reality-bending game? Remedy’s latest title is sure to be right up your alley. Control has crazy powers, supernatural enemies, and all sorts of stuff to throw around and cause havok with. We have all the information available so far for Control, from the release date to your powers and more! So keep on reading below.

What is Control?

Control is developer Remedy’s latest title, creators of Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Max PayneControl stars Jesse, a woman with unusual powers that she gained after a traumatic childhood experience. Naturally, Jesse wants answers about her powers, and there’s one place that can help her–the Federal Bureau of Control.

Jesse eventually makes her way to The Oldest House, an unnatural building whose interior is much larger than its exterior, and shifts at will. However, The Hiss begin to take over The Oldest House, and Jesse has to survive while trying to learn more about her past.

When is Control’s Release Date?

Control will be released late in the summer, on August 29, 2019.

What Consoles Is Control Releasing On?

Control will be releasing on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s important to note, however, that Control will be an Epic Games Store exclusive. There are no plans to bring this game to Steam now!

Do I Need to Play Any of Remedy’s Previous Games Before Control?

No! While Control borrows aspects from Remedy’s other titles, there’s no need to play any of these games before diving into their latest title. However, I still recommend you play Alan Wake. It’s a good game!

What Superpowers Do You Get in Control?

The main character of Control, Jesse, gains special powers after a childhood experience. But what kind of powers are they? We break them down below:

Throw Everything Around – Jesse can pick up almost every object in her environment, and lob it at enemies. It’s fun and destructive!

Protect Yourself – Instead of just hurling those objects, you can also form a shield, keeping you from getting hurt by The Hiss.

Float Like a Butterfly – These same powers can be used to float Jesse in the air, giving you some verticality and the ability to set up some devastating attacks.

Sting Like a Bee – While not technically a superpower, Jesse’s gun can shift forms to fit the situation. It seems even the firearms have some supernatural powers…

What Else Should I Know About Control?

Exploring The Oldest House is non-linear – While exploring, you’ll be encouraged to go back to older areas of The Oldest House and get to new places with new powers you’ve unlocked. Your rewards will be lore tidbits, as well as powers you may otherwise miss. It’s worth backtracking! The ability of fast traveling helps with this a lot, too.

There’s in-depth character progression – Jesse’s stats and powers can be modified with various items and unlocks, which allows a lot of customization for a third-person shooter. It’s worth experimenting to see what works for you!


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