Every IMC Armory Location on Stormpoint in Apex Legends

Bunkers and Badasses

The next season of Apex Legends is just around the corner, which means there’s a bunch of new content on the horizon. Along with the usual map changes, the defense legend Newcastle, and various buffs/nerfs, we are getting a new PVE element called IMC Armory. Tied solely to the Stormpoint map, these are essentially buildings filled with loot that requires you to kill Spectres to unlock this gear. Unlike the new point of interest, these bunkers are scattered throughout the map. So if you are looking to visit one of these new PVE locations here’s where to find them and what you can expect once you’re inside.

IMC Armory Locations

Apex Legends imc armory

North of Cenote Cave

The first IMC Armory is located to the north of the Cenote Cave point of interest (POI). It will be on a small island right by a collection of two-story buildings at the bottom of a hill.

Apex Legends imc armory

Southwest of The Wall

You can find the next IMC Armory to the southwest of The Wall. This will be on the coastline side of the map so if you land at The Wall you’ll need to take the zipline down to where the pods are. Once you’re there, head southwest across the water to find the next armory. Alternatively, you can land at North Pad and go east through the Prowler nest to find it.

Apex Legends imc armory

Southeast of Lightning Rod

The most remote of all the IMC Armories, this one is southeast of the Lightning Rod POI. It can be found along the cliffside behind the small collection of buildings on the raised ledge. If you are looking to try the new armories, this is probably going to be the least contested of them. Not only is it far away from nearly every major POI that players drop, but it’s tucked away along the cliff.

Apex Legends imc armory

Northwest of Fish Farms

The final of the four IMC Armories is located just northwest of fish farms and north of Gale Station. If you land at either of these POIs, it’s worth going into this armory since it’s along with one of the major rotation paths to Launch Pad. Just be careful, as you can get easily jumped given this is between three big locations and near one of the most popular POIs on the entire map.

Apex Legends Season 13 Stormpoints

What Are IMC Armories?

IMC Armories are a new PVE activity that players can participate in while exploring Stormpoint. Upon entering the bunker, you will be able to activate an encounter against waves of Spectre robots for 60 seconds. If you decide to do this, the doors will lock behind you making it impossible for another team to come inside during the fight. Upon killing everything inside, you will be able to open new Smart Bins which will give you gear based on the weapons you currently have equipped. Meaning, that if you only have a Flatline and open up a Smart Bin you will either get a sight, heavy magazine, or stock.

Keep in mind, that the Spectres will sometimes drop ammo and meds once they are killed, but can throw Thermite Grenades so don’t underestimate these enemies. Once you’ve killed the Spectres, interact with the console to open all the doors and activate the launch pad in the center of the room. Stepping on this will send you high up into the air, allowing you to relocate to a better position if there are enemy teams nearby.