Escape From Tarkov Maps Guide – Customs Map Description & List of All Levels

If you’re just starting out on your journey to cut and run in Escape From Tarkov, you may be wondering which maps to play first. In this guide, we’ll run down all the maps currently included in the game, offer up a quick summary of each one, and suggest the best choices for newer players.

Escape From Tarkov Maps – All the Maps Currently in the Game

As it’s currently in an iterative beta process, Escape from Tarkov is constantly getting updates and new content, which often includes new maps. As of this writing, these are the maps in the game:


The Customs raid location is a large industrial park that includes a fuel storage depot, office buildings, dormitories, and several other structures. There’s also a river that runs through the map, and a bridge that runs over it. The landmark feature of Customs is the factory, located on the western side of the map.


The Woods map is a natural reserve park characterized by forested hills and a smaller outbuildings. There’s a logging camp, a handful of natural rock formations, some campsites, and some wilderness cabins. There’s also a plane crash that’s usually got some good loot inside, and some well-stocked bunkers.


Interchange is set in the greater Tarkov metro area. Thematically, it serves as a connection between the Customs map and the nearby harbor. The dominant feature of Interchange is the huge mall in the center of the map. It’s a multi-storied building with a host of nooks and crannies to explore. There’s also a power station, railway station, a go-kart track, some parking lots, and a few small wooded areas.


The Factory map is the first one that was added to Escape from Tarkov. It’s essentially one big building more suited for close quarters combat than the long range nature of maps like Interchange and Woods. There are lots of tunnels and walkways that spiderweb around the facility, making it easy to get the drop on SCAVs and other players.


Reserve is an old military base that features a lot of the locations you might expect from such a location. There’s a robust train station, a helipad, a pair of hangers, a barracks, radar station, and more. There’s also a large cliff along the north side of the map that overlooks the base below.


The Shoreline map is located along the shore or Tarkov, and sports long stretches of beach, a small abandoned village, some farmland, and a few commercial buildings. There’s also a health resort, which is probably the defining feature. There are lots of smaller buildings to explore here, along with a hydroelectric plan that powers the resort.

The Lab

The Lab is a map aimed at more experienced players, and requires a special key card to unlock, which can be looted off of most major bosses located in other raid maps. The entire facility is mostly indoors, and has basement network of tunnels and sewer passageways. Inside the lab proper are a pair of large conference rooms, a warehouse, a server room, infirmary, and more.

tarkov customs map

Escape From Tarkov Maps – The Best Map for Beginners

It’s largely accepted that Customs is the most beginner-friendly location. This is due to a good combination of wide open outdoor areas and more compact indoor arenas. This allows new players to get a feel for the type of combat scenarios they prefer as they acclimate to the game’s punishing difficulty curve.

And those are all the maps currently in Escape From Tarkov! Have a favorite location? Let us know in the comments section!


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