Dying Light Grappling Hook Guide – How to Get the Grappling Hook

Rejoice, zombie fans: Dying Light 2 is finally here. The follow-up to developer Techland’s 2015 Dying Light, this game once again merges the undead and parkour. Set in the fictional European city of Villedor, players assume the role of Aiden Caldwell, a member of an outcast group called the Pilgrims. Throughout your journey, you will encounter a number of different factions vying for control of the city. Your actions, including which faction you support, will shape how Villedor evolves throughout the campaign.

One beloved item that makes its return is the grappling hook. Perhaps the best traversal tool in the original game, this item has been slightly changed since Dying Light and can be upgraded two times to gain new abilities. Here’s a guide on how to unlock and upgrade the grappling hook.

How to Get the Grappling Hook

To get the grappling hook, you will need to reach the Broadcast story quest. This is pretty far into Dying Light 2’s campaign and can take around 25-30 hours to reach, depending on your skill level and if you’re doing any side activities.

About halfway through the mission, Aiden will be given the Grappling Hook, which can be used freely during the rest of your playthrough. I won’t be going over the exact moment you get it to avoid spoilers, but this item is unmissable. Like the paraglider, it’s a required item to continue and complete Dying Light 2’s campaign. There is no way to earn it earlier, so don’t worry about hunting it down. You will eventually get it if you plan on completing the main story.

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How to Upgrade the Grappling Hook

When you first get the grappling hook, all you can do with it is swing from one platform to another. Now, this can be quite useful (and often necessary) when scaling tall buildings or quickly moving through the city. However, this item’s true potential is unlocked once you begin upgrading it.

This is done by spending some old-world money and Military Tech crafting materials. The latter is only found in Military Airdrops, which are those containers hidden away on tall rooftops and towers. Opening one will reward you with a single piece of Military Technology, so start visiting all these airdrops if you want to improve your grappling hook. Once you have the materials, go to any craftsmaster and select the Upgrade subtab.

Requiring two Military Technologies, the first upgrade gives you the ability to pull yourself in one direction by quickly double-tapping the Accessories button. This will consume some stamina and launch Aiden a few feet towards whatever surface the grappling hook has anchored into. With this upgrade, you can quickly ascend up buildings, dart past enemies, or save yourself from a previously fatal fall. It won’t rocket you a great distance, but it can definitely create some neat shortcuts in some of the parkour puzzles.

Your second upgrade allows you to pull enemies towards you, staggering them and giving you an opening to attack. This is especially useful against ranged enemies like the fire spitters or archers who are always in the backline. That being said, the second upgrade is as overtly useful as the first one, so don’t feel like you need to rush to get it. It’s just a nice combat tool that can make some of the bandit fights a lot simpler.