Dota Underlords Proto Pass Guide – Battle Pass Challenges, Rewards, New Board

Since it’s a given that game at this point needs to have some kind of Battle Pass we can’t say we’re surprised that Valve launched a beta version of one for Dota Underlords today. They call it the Proto Pass and it comes with 25 different levels and rewards which can be earned over the course of the testing period. Looking for specifics? Our Dota Underlords Proto Pass Guide has all of the details! Let’s get started!

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How Much Does the Dota Underlords Proto Pass Cost?

Nothing! The Proto Pass is available for free to everyone who is playing the Dota Underlords beta. You can earn these free rewards by logging in each day and completing two daily challenges.

How To Level Up the Dota Underlords Proto Pass

As we just mentioned, there are two daily challenges on a 24 hour rotation in Dota Underlords now. Each grants a varying number of experience points. The challenges for today, for example, ask you to evade 100 attacks for 250 XP while the other tasks you with gaining 300 end-of-turn gold for 500 XP.

These challenges can be completed in online multiplayer or hardcore bot games! You’ll also earn a small amount of XP for every match you complete.

It looks like there are reroll buttons for any quests that you don’t like, but they aren’t enabled for us just yet. We’ll see what the weekend brings.

The amount of XP required to level up scales with each subsequent one. Level 1 to Level 2, for example, only takes 500 XP. You can do that in just one day! Level 4 to Level 5, however, requires you to earn 1,250 XP.

Proto Pass Reward Highlights

The Proto Pass comes with a number of rewards. As with any Battle Pass, a lot of it is filler including standards to hang our banners on, banners to hang on that standard, portrait rings, and emotes which, for some reason, Valve is calling “Yo’s.”

We’ve picked out some of the highlights below. The biggest one by far is an all-new board which will be added at a later date.

As it stands, you can’t actually equip any Proto Pass rewards. The entire screen is blank with a giant “COMING SOON.”

  • Level 3: Light the Way Fireworks Effect
  • Level 5: Path to Sunbreeze Board
  • Level 10: Bootlegger Entrance Teleport Effect
  • Level 13: You’re On Fire! Win Streak Effect
  • Level 18: Romance in the Air Fireworks Effect
  • Level 23: Verdant Entrance Teleport Effect
  • Level 25: Beep Boop Win Streak Effect

Valve calls the Proto Pass a “learning experience” and promises to “adjust plans for our Season 1 Battle Pass” in accordance with user feedback. That seems normal, really, though it does make us think about how Artifact was essentially the opposite of what we’re experiencing right now.

And there you have it! Thanks for reading the latest Dota Underlords Proto Pass guide. For more information, be sure to check back later. We’ll continue to update our guides with more tips and add future content as Dota Underlords develops.


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