Dota Underlords City Crawl Guide – White Spire Puzzles, Rewards, Key to the City

As of today, Dota Underlords is officially out of beta. With it comes a bunch of new content, highlighted by the new City Crawl feature. For fans of the auto battler genre, this may be a new experience. As players are challenged to complete matches, solve puzzles, and more. Our Dota Underlords City Crawl guide contains all the info you need to know including what the game mode is, what rewards are available, and how you can skip troublesome levels.

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What is Dota Underlords City Crawl?

The new City Crawl game mode is the equivalent of Dota Underlord’s story mode. In it, you play as all of the four underlords as they seek to take control of their own section of White Spire.

City Crawl Mama Eeb’s death has left a power vacuum in White Spire. Take back the city neighborhood by neighborhood, Underlord by Underlord, in the new City Crawl campaign. Win quick street-fights and complete in-game challenges to unlock Underlord rewards like new outfits and poster art. Complete puzzles and lord over your friends on the Puzzle Leaderboard.

After a brief introduction, the city is split into four different sections: The Warrens, Little Revtel, Port Slipshade, and New Tenebrous. Each is open for the claiming and the four of our underlords all seek to stake their claim.

Valve has not yet said whether or not this City Crawl is exclusive to Season One or if it will be updated with more content going forward. We’ll keep you updated.

Types of Levels

There are a few different types of levels in Dota Underlords City Crawl.

Street Fight

A Street Fight is essentially a normal match against a single AI. You’ll choose a selection of beginning units and play out a normal match, purchasing and upgrading heroes along the way.


Puzzles are similar, but have requirements like board cost maximum, a limit on the number of units you can use, and may specify what your unit pool looks like. They’re also likely to have unique board states. The first puzzle, for example, has wooden barriers which enemy units hide behind. Finding ways to damage them from range and break through the walls quickly is the challenge.


Some City Crawl levels will require you to play actual matches of Dota Underlords. These can be done in either standard multiplayer matches or in bot matches as long as they’re set to Hardcore (XP). The first four you encounter will task you with playing a match as one of the underlords.

Battle Pass

For casual Dota Underlords players, we have some bad news. There are multiple City Crawl challenges which are locked behind the Battle Pass. And given the fact that some levels reward items to use elsewhere in the City Crawl, like Cloak, there is a chance these levels contain items which would make your experience easier.

What Are the Rewards?

Some levels come with rewards. They vary from simple XP boosts to items you can use later on in the city crawl. There are also a number of achievements to chase that reward titles.

  • Court Cutter: Complete Anessix Quarter
  • Be-Julled: Complete Jull Quarter
  • Firebug: Complete Hobgen Quarter
  • Mask Murderer: Complete Enno Quarter
  • Brawler: Complete all Street Fights in City Crawl
  • Land Barron: Complete all City Crawl objectives
  • Brainiac: Complete all City Crawl puzzles
  • Heir Apparent: Complete City Crawl

Can I Replay City Crawl Levels?

You can replay puzzles, but not all levels can be replayed.

What Are Is A Key to the City

A Key to the City is essentially a free pass on any level in White Spire. They’re rare items which let you skip any one challenge in the game. Once used, they disappear from your inventory so choose wisely!

How do I get Keys to the City?

Right now the only way to get a Key to the City that we know of is through the Battle Pass. You can first earn one at Rank 10 and then every ten levels thereafter. They are not always on the free path of the Battle Pass, so do keep that in mind.

And that’s all we know about the Dota Underlords City Crawl game mode. Something we missed? Let us know in the comments below!