The Division 2 Titanium Farming Guide: How to Farm the Rare Resource

Crafting powerful items in The Division 2 endgame requires heaps of titanium, a rare crafting material. You need it both for weapons and to upgrade your crafting bench — but titanium is frustratingly hard to come by when roaming the streets of Washington DC. Thankfully, there are a handful of ways to build up your titanium reserves in a hurry. And we’re about to run through them all in our The Division 2 titanium farming guide.

So far we’ve found three reliable ways to farm lots of titanium in The Division 2:

  • Kill enemies in the Outcasts faction
  • Clear landmarks in the Dark Zone
  • Search the East Mall area in the southeast portion of the map (this seems like the best of the three)

Farming Titanium by Killing Outcasts

Killing enemies from the Outcasts faction is a good way to find titanium. There’s a chance each foe will drop titanium when they die, and high-level enemies drop it more often than standard ones.

To find Outcasts, just head to Outcasts-controlled zones on the map, and complete world events and missions. Look in the top-left corner of the map for the West End, Foggy Bottom, Downtown West, and Constitution Hall sectors. When you hover over these regions, you’ll see the factions present in the top-right. In the endgame, the Outcasts take over each of these locations, so you’ll find plenty of them to fight.

The best way to farm is to simply explore these locations — completing world events along the way. This will provide a steady stream of enemies, and therefore a good chance of obtaining titanium. Control points are an ideal place to start because they throw lots of enemies at you in waves, increasing your chances of finding titanium.

When you take over any control point in The Division 2, make sure to donate materials to its new leader. If you have the “Donation 1” perk (which you should get by the endgame) donating enough supplies will highlight nearby loot-able items. Search them and keep an eye out for the orange bags pictured below. In our experience, these are the most likely to house titanium.

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The Division 2 Titanium Farm

Farming Titanium by Clearing Dark Zone Landmarks

You’ll also find titanium by clearing landmarks in the Dark Zone. Dark Zone landmark enemies seem to drop titanium more often than other baddies, so head on in and watch your map for nearby purple icons. This indicates that a landmark is close.

To maximize the titanium you collect, it makes sense to combine Dark Zone landmarks with enemies in the Outcasts faction. Dark Zone South is controlled by Outcasts (hover over the zone in the map to confirm), so that’s your best bet. If you’re already a fan of the Dark Zone’s blend of PVPVE, then this is a great way to obtain titanium. There’s no reason grinding for titanium needs to feel like farming!

The Division 2 Titanium Farm

Farming Titanium in the East Mall

Players have discovered a specific area of the game that’s packed with titanium. We’ve visited it ourselves, too, and gathered just shy of 100 titanium in around 30 minutes. To do the same, you need to head to the East Mall sector at the bottom-right corner of the map. Specifically, you want to identify the Sinkhole control point — which is the second control point from the left. Take it over! Then donate resources so that nearby loot-able containers become highlighted.

After that, head eastwards, exploring the rectangular areas in the center of the map. You’re looking for orange sports bags — like the ones pictured further up this article. More often than not, they’ll contain either 2-4 units titanium. Although they will sometimes contain steel instead. If you weave back and forth across this area you’ll spot plenty of bags, including in the backs of trucks. Keep making your way back and forth until you hit the Solar Farm control point. Take that over as well, donate resources, and head east again!

You’ll find more titanium between the Solar Farm and the Crash Site control point. For reference, that’s where Air Force One is. Again, weave back and forth and keep your eye out for loot-able containers, focusing on those orange bags. You don’t need to go as far as the Crash Site! Not if you don’t fancy the extra firefight: simply turn back and head for the Sinkhole control point again, hoovering up any bags you missed.

If you want to be really efficient, you can keep to the southern or northernmost fence when you leave Sinkhole and head east for the Solar Farm control point. Then, when you want to turn around, switch to the other fence and work your way back.

And that’s it for our titanium farming guide to The Division 2! We’ll be sure to update it if any new tips, tricks, or strategies make themselves known. Otherwise, please enjoy your newfound piles of titanium. Maybe make yourself something nice!


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