The Division 2 Skill Power Guide: What It Does & How to Raise It

In The Division 2, skills are far more important than they were in the first game, and often the skills you pick will push you towards a particular playstyle, turning you into a support healer, a shielded front-line tank or an explosives expert. To make the most of your skills, you must consider your Skill Power, which decides which mods you can attach to your skills — these mods can greatly increase your skills’ effectiveness. In this guide, we’ll run through ways of boosting your The Division 2 Skill Power, as well as the factors that determine how high it is.

The Division 2 Skill Power

What Is Skill Power & How Does It Affect Your Skills? – The Division 2

In The Division 2, Skill Power is a number that impacts the mods you can equip for your skills. You can view it on the left hand side of your character menu. It doesn’t have any direct impact on the actual strength of your skills: if you hover over a skill in your skills menu, you’ll see its stats displayed on the right of your screen, including its damage, healing and cooldown values. These will not change when your Skill Power goes up or down.

However, Skill Power has a big impact on your skills because it decides what skill mods you can equip. These mods will boost the effectiveness of your skills: a mod for your drone might increase its overall damage, for example.

Skill mods each require a certain Skill Power to work. A mod that has a required Skill Power of 250, for example, will only have an impact when your Skill Power is over that threshold. If you have a Skill Power less than the required number for that mod, you’ll still be able to equip the mod, but it won’t actually do anything. You can mod your skills by selecting them at the bottom of your inventory, then pressing the assigned mod button displayed on screen.

The Division 2 Skill Power

How Can You Boost Your Skill Power? – The Division 2

In The Division 2, you boost your Skill Power by swapping gear. Certain gear will provide bonuses for your Skill Power: these bonuses will be indicated by a yellow battery symbol in the stats and bonuses section for that item, on the right-hand side of your screen. Skill Power boosts are displayed as a number — a holster might provide a +250.0 Skill Power bonus, for example.

Certain gear sets will also increase your Skill Power, usually by a percentage. They can impact your overall Skill Power or the Skill Power for a specific skill. For example, the Providence Defense gear set contains a +10% Skill Power bonus. The Wyvern Wear gear set, in contrast, provides a 15% bonus to drone Skill Power. This will let you equip higher-level mods for your drone than you’d otherwise be able to.

The last way to boost your Skill Power is via gear mods, with certain gear mods adding to your Skill Power, or increasing the power of a specific skill. These mods can be equipped in gear that has a utility protocol mod slot.


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