The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Raid Guide – Release Date, Level Requirements

The Division 2 is getting its first raid on April 25. Titled Operation Dark Hours, it tasks an eight player fireteam with the hardest challenge in the game yet. Ubisoft says the raid will require “expert coordination” with video showing the squad assaulting the Washington D.C. airport.

Operation Dark Hours Release Date

Operation Dark Hours will be available on April 25. We don’t know what time specifically just yet.

Information is understandably limited as Massive likely wants to keep the raid under wraps until players can dive in themselves. In the meantime, here are some important tips. Get to World Tier 5 and make sure your Gear Score is as high as possible, preferably the new cap of 500. Do that and you should be raid ready!

Not sure how to do that? Check out our Division 2 World Tier Guide and our Division 2 Gear Score Guide. We’ve also included small excerpts below with the important info.

How to Unlock World Tier 5

World Tier 5 comes to The Division 2 in a new update called “Battle For DC.” Ubisoft will release the new content on April 5, 2019.

It comes along with a new stronghold called Tidal Basin, which needs to be completed in order to reach the new maximum World Tier.

  • Earn a Gear Score of at least 425
  • Complete stronghold: Tidal Basin (Invaded)

Gear Score Info

An item’s initial Gear Score in The Division 2 is actually calculated based on your highest possible Gear Score. That includes anything in your inventory and your stash. It also means that you don’t necessarily need to wear your mathematically strongest gear at all times. Just having that gear on you or in you stash is enough for more powerful loot to drop! So use that low-level submachine gun you like so much, if you’re not into sniper rifles.

At any given time, however, your “effective” Gear Score is an average of all the items equipped on your character. We stipulate “effective” to differentiate it from your potentially best Gear Score. Because The Division 2 accounts for these numbers differently. Even if you have more powerful gear in your stash, therefore giving you access to better loot drops, you won’t actually reap those benefits when it comes to fighting high-level enemies.

Long story short: only your equipped Gear Score affects your combat power level in The Division 2.

So make sure you have a high-level gear that you actually want to use! While you can get good drops while having fear in you stash, that won’t help you take down the enemies in the raid itself!

That’s all we can offer you today! Check back soon! The Operation Dark Hours raid releases in less than two weeks. If we get any information beforehand, we’ll be sure to let you know. If we don’t, we’ll have a guide explaining all of the raids encounters and important information you need. That includes any hidden secrets or exclusive weapons and armor.


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