Division 2 Kenly Metro Station Supply Room Guide: How to Find Your Daily Loot

Completed the Kenley Metro Station stage of The Division 2 Expedition, but don’t know how to unlock the supply room and claim your daily loot? You’re not alone. Lots of players who have beaten the mission are having trouble finding the item stash, which refreshes each day with new gear. Below, we’ll tell you exactly how to find and unlock the supply room—and if you’re careful, you can do it without firing a single bullet. Here’s our guide to finding and unlocking The Division 2’s Kenly Metro Station supply room.

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Division 2 Kenly Metro Station Supply Room Location

It’s easy to find the supply room in the Kenly Metro Station: it’s only a short sprint from the station’s entrance. First, go to the area where you activate the echo after running down the escalator. 

Once you’ve activated one of the investigations—we’ll tell you which one to pick in a second—all you need to do is turn left, so that you’re facing south. Run forward, vault over the turnstiles, and turn left into the first open door. Go down the stairs, continue forward into the new room, and you’ll see a big hole in the ground. Jump down the hole and you’ll find a control panel: the clip below will show you the way (credit Reddit user AeroHAwk). 

Turn right at the control panel, go through the open double doors and you’ll come to the control room. Now to open it up.

How to Open the Division 2 Kenly Metro Station Supply Room for Daily Loot

The Division 2 Kenly Metro Station supply room might be easy to find, but it can be hard to open. That’s because its doors are controlled by one of five control panels dotted around the level, and the one that activates the doors rotates every day, in line with the daily loot. That means you’ll need to know where all five control panels are, and check on each of them in turn to get your items. 

The best way to do that is to, first, activate the right-hand side of the three missions when you first enter the Metro Station and you’re asked to “Choose Investigation.” The investigation is called Deployed Military Server and no enemies will spawn until you reach a certain stage in the mission. If you just want to hunt for the supply room controls and don’t care about the mission, you essentially have a free pass for the whole map, and you shouldn’t come across any baddies.

After that, it’s a matter of finding the right control panel, activating it, and heading back to the supply room’s location, described above. You’ll probably have seen the control panels during your time in the Metro Station, because they’re dotted around in the mission areas. For a full breakdown, watch Mannyocrity’s video below, which walks you through all five locations from the very start of your investigation. Find the correct control panel (it will say “Hidden Room Access Point”), activate it, and get your loot.

Remember, the loot and location of the activation panel rotates daily, so be sure to check back in to The Division 2 regularly.