Division 2 Gunner Guide: Tips, Build, & Loadout Recommendations

The new Division 2 Gunner specialization burst onto the shooter’s servers this week, bringing a new Minigun, a new grenade type, and a skill called Banshee that confuses enemies. It’s a fun specialization to run once you get to grips with these new tools—and this The Division 2 Gunner guide will help you do just that. We’ll go through the basics of the class before offering some tips, strategies, and advice on which upgrades to pick.

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How to Unlock the Gunner in the Division 2

If you’re a Year One pass owner, you’ll automatically unlock The Division 2 Gunner specialization, and you can activate it in the White House’s main lobby. If you don’t own the pass, you’ll have to complete a series of challenges known as field research. Our Gunner Field Research guide will run you through each of the steps required to unlock it. Year One pass owners can still complete these steps to get the associated rewards, which include apparel caches and weapon skins.

The Division 2 Gunner’s Weapon: The Minigun

The central pillar of the Gunner specialization is the Minigun, which requires signature ammo. It’s a huge, hefty weapon that behaves differently to any other gun in the game. When holding it you cannot sprint, take cover, or roll. You can’t even pick up loot when you have it out. Thankfully, it has no effect when holstered.

What it lacks in mobility it makes up for in raw damage output. Its damage per bullet is equivalent to a high-end assault rifle, but it fires faster than an SMG. It can spit out 150 bullets before it needs reloading, and those reloads are almost instant. Basically, it puts a lot of pain down range. At World Tier 5, our minigun deals 15.8K damage per bullet with an RPM of 1K.

The gun’s single talent, called A Good Offense, restores 1% armor for every shot you land. It also gives you a stack of bonus armor whenever you switch to the gun, based on how many signature bullets it has loaded. With a full magazine of 150 bullets, you’ll get 50% extra bonus armor.

The Division 2 Gunner Skill: Banshee

The Gunner’s skill is a variant on Pulse called Banshee. It confuses any enemies it touches, even if they’re behind cover, causing them to stand up, hold their heads and lumber around for a few seconds. They’re easy pickings. Banshee fires in a cone, and you can control it by holding down the skill button. A quick press will fire it in a wide arc, but the range will be short. The longer you hold down the skill button, the further Banshee will reach, but the thinner its cone of fire.

You have to unlock Banshee before using it through the Gunner’s upgrade tree. You can further upgrade it to increase its range and duration of effect.

The Division 2 Gunner Grenade: Riot Foam Grenade

The Gunner’s signature grenade is the riot foam grenade, which you need to unlock before using. When thrown, it covers any enemies in its radius in riot foam, causing them to be stuck in place as they try to struggle free.

The Division 2 Gunner Upgrade Tree: Where to Spend Your Points

The Gunner’s upgrade tree contains plenty of ways to improve the specialization. One upgrade is unlocked by default: a passive talent that adds three pips to your signature ammo bar when you kill multiple enemies without letting go of the trigger. When the ammo bar is full, your next kill gives you more signature ammo for your Minigun.

There are a few must-have unlocks: the first thing you should grab is Banshee, the new skill. Even when you’re not using the Minigun, Banshee is a useful skill for general combat, especially if you’re playing in a group. Use it to flush enemies from cover, or immobilize powerful bosses so that your squad can focus fire on them. At some point, you’ll want to grab both Banshee upgrades, too.

If you like using LMGs, then you should grab the Gunner’s new weapon attachment, the Large Pouch, as soon as possible from the bottom-left of the skill tree. Slap it on your LMG and you’ll gain an extra 50 bullets. Using it on an LMG that already has the Extra talent, which grants more ammo capacity, will give you a weapon that basically never stops firing.

Incessant is another worthy upgrade: it grants you 5% armor on kill. It’s more useful if you play solo than in groups, because in groups it’s harder to get credited with kills. If you’re solo, however, then mowing down a group of enemies will likely leave you at full armor, especially when combined with the Minigun’s passive talent.

Next, we recommend upgrading your signature weapon damage. It’s already powerful, but you can boost damage by 10, 20 and 30% by spending your hard-earned upgrade points. You’ll really feel the difference on the battlefield.

Supply line is another good early unlock that regenerates 5% of your total ammo supply every 60 seconds. It doesn’t affect the Minigun, sadly, but it’ll keep your other weapons constantly topped up. No more desperate restocks!

The Division 2 Gunner Tips, Tricks and Strategies

The Gunner is supposed to be a tank-y class. With Minigun deployed, you’ll gain armor for every shot you hit and extra armor for every kill, assuming you unlock some of the upgrades described above. However, don’t think that you’re invulnerable when firing it. If you just stand out in the open holding down the trigger, you’ll quickly go down.

Instead, use the terrain around you to focus on two or three enemies at a time, breaking line of sight with others. When you’ve dealt with the small group, reposition so that you can only see a few more enemies and spray them down. Remember: you can’t go into cover, so use the environment around you whenever possible. The Minigun works best on low-level enemies because you’re more likely to kill them quickly, giving you the kill benefits you’ve unlocked in the upgrade tree.

As with every specialization, signature ammo is scarce for the Gunner, and you’ll burn through it quickly with the Minigun. Thankfully, the Gunner is a good utility class that can enhance your other weapons and work well in a group. Use your Banshee skill on cooldown: try to hit as many high-level enemies as possible with every pulse. Don’t worry about low-level enemies so much, because they’re easy to deal with. Throw your riot grenade at any particularly tricky enemies, too.

In terms of builds, you want to maximize your armor pool to take advantage of the extra armor your minigun gives you. Go for a high-armor tank build with high armor regeneration, which will complement the Minigun’s talents. A high armor, high-regeneration class firing the Minigun is very difficult for enemies to take down.