Division 2 Error Code Guide – How to Check Server Status, Fix Echo, Delta 03, & More!

You’re all ready to settle in for a couple of hours of shooting and looting in The Division 2 and then…bam! You’re locked out by an error code. It’s frustrating, and it’s even worse if you don’t know what the error code means, or how to fix it. But don’t fret: in this guide, we’ll run through all The Division 2 error codes, and take you through the steps to getting your game back up and running.

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Before Diagnosing Your the Division 2 Error Code, Check the Server Status

Error codes can simply occur if there are problems with The Division 2’s servers. Before you get all worried that the issue is at your end, check the game’s server status by clicking this link. If the servers are down, all you need to do is wait. Check the Twitter feed on the right hand side of that page for regular updates.

Next, let’s look through The Division 2 error codes in order: first BRAVO, then CHARLIE, then DELTA, then ECHO, then OSCAR, and, finally, MIKE.

The Division 2 BRAVO Error Codes

BRAVO 01 and BRAVO 03

Both these error codes mean the same thing: Uplay PC is offline. 

Check that you’re connected to WiFi, or to your router via an ethernet cable. If you can’t work out what’s wrong, right clicking on your network icon (look in the bottom right of your screen) and selecting ‘troubleshoot problems’ is a good place to start.

It might be that Uplay’s connection is the problem: to check, try to launch Uplay in offline mode by following these steps.


This code means you’ve been signed out of Xbox Live while playing. Check that your Xbox One is connected to the internet. It might be a one-off, but if it keeps happening, follow the steps in this Microsoft support article. Ubisoft’s guide for Xbox One connectivity issues is also useful.


This code means you’ve been signed out of the Playstation Network. Check your internet connection—if you keep getting the error, look through Ubisoft’s PS4 connectivity issue guide, and follow Sony’s network troubleshooting guide here.


This error code points to a generic network issue causing you to disconnect from the server. As stated above, check that The Division 2’s servers are running fine, and if they are, follow the steps Ubisoft has set out here.

The Division 2 CHARLIE Error Codes


Both of these codes mean that The Division 2 has launched while EasyAntiCheat, which is required to play the game, is inactive. If you get the error, head over the EasyAntiCheat website—it has a dedicated The Division 2 section that should help you root out the cause.

The Division 2 DELTA Error Codes


Like other codes, this error points to a generic network problem that has stopped you connecting to The Division 2’s servers. Depending on which platform you’re playing on, you’ll want to work through Ubisoft’s PC, PS4 or Xbox One troubleshooting guides.


All of these DELTA error codes mean the same thing: the connection to the server has been lost. Just like with DELTA 01, you’ll want to read through Ubisoft’s connectivity troubleshooting guides for PC, PS4 or Xbox One, depending on the platform you play on.


This error code means that your connection to the server has timed out—this happens when a server takes too long to respond to a request from your platform. Again, the place to start is Ubisoft’s troubleshooting guides for PC, PS4 or Xbox One.

The Division 2 ECHO Error Code

Ubisoft hasn’t actually said what the ECHO/ECHO-01 error code means, but it’s told us how to fix it. All you need to do is log out of the game, wait 15 minutes, and log back in. Problem solved.

The Division 2 OSCAR Error Code

The OSCAR error can occur if you’re playing from behind a proxy, or if a firewall is blocking the game. To solve it, turn off the proxy, or give permission for The Division 2 to pass through your firewall. To do that, you need to visit your firewall settings: chances are you’re using the built-in Windows firewall. Just type “firewall” into your search bar to pull it up, and then click on “allow an app through firewall”.

The Division 2 MIKE 01 Error Code

If you get the MIKE 01 error, it means you’ve failed to connect to the game server. Check The Division 2’s server status site to see if there are widespread issues: if it’s all fine, then the problem is probably at your end, so go through Ubisoft’s troubleshooting guides for PC, PS4 or Xbox One.