Division 2 Diamondback Guide: How to Start Unlocking the New Exotic

The Divisions 2 Title Update 5, which added Episode 1 – DC Outskirts: Expeditions, also introduced the shooter’s first exotic lever action rifle. The Diamondback exotic has a trio of deadly talents focusing on marking and executing enemies, alongside a stylish serpent wrapped around the weapon’s chamber. It’s no wonder players can’t wait to try it out—and you can do just that right now by completing all three parts of The Convoy Expedition. We’ll explain everything in our The Division 2 Diamondback exotic guide below. 

If you want to know more about Title Update 5, or The Division 2’s Episode 1, you can read about all the changes and new content it added in this post.

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The Division 2 Diamondback Exotic Stats

The Division 2’s Diamondback exotic lever-action rifle has a five-round magazine, fires at 100 RPM, and boasts three talents:

    • Agonizing Bite – The Diamondback will randomly mark an enemy by default. Shooting the marked enemy guarantees a critical hit with +20% damage. The weapon will then mark another enemy. Marks also change whenever you reload.
    • Deep Fangs – After you’ve hit five marked enemies you’ll gain 50% reload speed, 20% total damage, and 10 seconds of guaranteed critical hits. The count is reset if you miss a shot.
    • Shedding Skin – While the weapon is drawn, you gain 20% bonus armor for three seconds. While holsters, each time you reload/cycle your current weapon you gain 8% bonus armor for two seconds. 

These talents mean you’ll be able to obliterate groups of enemies, provided you’ve got good aim, and Shedding Skin will keep you protected during firefights. The weapons marking system might prove a bit of a distraction—it might not mark the enemy you’d most naturally want to fire at—but it’s still worth playing along to get those massive damage and critical hit buffs. 

Just mind that five-round magazine: if you’re the kind of person that likes to spray and pray, this might not be the weapon for you.

How to Unlock the Division 2 Diamondback Exotic

To unlock The Division 2’s Diamondback exotic, you need to complete the first Expedition. Expeditions are a new type of multi-stage PvE event in which you investigate a series of themed areas, defeat enemies, and find new loot. 

Episode 1’s Expedition is called The Convoy, and you can play it right now—you’ll see it at the top of your map. As of August 6, all three stages of The Convoy are available: Kenly Library, Kenly Metro Station, and Kenly Student Union. Complete all of them and you’ll be able to claim your new exotic rifle. 

Note: Expeditions are on rotation so the Diamondback won’t always be available. Now that it’s here, it won’t be achievable for long. It’ll be unavailable starting August 13 when the Expedition rotates out.

If you want to see some gameplay of the Diamondback in action, you can do that here.

As a reminder, there’s currently an apparel event going on! The Heatwave event comes with some rather lighthearted new outfits for you to obtain.