The Division 2 Apparel Event Guide: Heat Wave Outfits, Event Keys

It’s already been a few months since the last Division 2 Apparel Event, but Ubisoft is back with another! The summer themed event titled Heat Wave adds five new outfits, one mask, five emotes, and seven weapon skins. You’ll find these cosmetics in new Heat Wave Apparel Caches — which you’ll need special event keys to open. In this guide, we’ll run through exactly which cosmetics you can earn during The Division 2 Apparel Event: Heat Wave, as well as how to obtain more keys.

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The event also adds all-new Signature Weapon Skins which are purchase only.

What Items Can You Earn in the Division 2 Apparel Event: Heat Wave?

This Apparel Event for The Division 2 adds five new outfits, one mask, five emotes, and seven weapon skins.

If you collect all items from the event, you’ll be rewarded with a unique mask called the Diver Uniform. This mask can only be obtained through the Heat Wave Apparel Event. It won’t be available in The Division 2 afterwards.

An extra item, the Field Respirator Mask, is available if you collect all five gear sets. You don’t have to collect the extra cosmetics, such as weapon skins, to unlock it, though.

How to Earn Event Keys – The Division 2 Apparel Event: Heat Wave

When you log on for the first time during the event, you’ll be given one free event key to open a single cache. Anyone that bought The Division 2 Year One Pass will earn an additional three bonus keys. You can unlock them from the apparel page in your inventory.

After you use your free keys, there are three ways to farm more in-game. Although you can always buy more with real-world money.

First, you can earn keys via Weekly Apparel Projects. These projects are tougher than the usual ones; you have to complete a variety of missions and activities in different sectors of the map for each one. The upside is that you’ll be handsomely rewarded with four event keys when you turn them in. Visit the projects desk in The White House to see the active Weekly Apparel Projects, or click the Projects tab on your map.

Second, event keys have a chance to drop when you reach a new Field Proficiency level after Level 30. Third, event keys might drop when you reach a new Dark Zone proficiency level.

And finally, as we mentioned above, you can buy event keys with premium credits. Each Apparel Event key costs 100 premium credits.

When Does the Division 2 Apparel Event: Heat Wave End?

The Division 2 Heat Wave event ends on the night of August 15. Once August 15 starts you won’t be able to obtain keys via projects, or by reaching new proficiency levels.

From August 15 to August 22  you’ll be able to use any remaining keys you have. Or you can purchase additional keys with real world money.

But once August 22 ends, everything inside Heat Wave Apparel Caches will move over to the standard Apparel Caches. You can read about where to find and how to open those here. But this means that you can still grab the items after the event ends. The only exception is the Diver Uniform, which you can only earn during the event by collecting every cosmetic item.

Best of luck out there, agent! We hope you get all the items you need in Heat Wave before time runs out.

The Division 2 Apparel Event: Heat Wave Gear