Disco Elysium Badge Location Guide & How to Get There

Make a name for yourself with the badge location in Disco Elysium!

Things aren’t looking up for you at the start of Disco Elysium. Your protagonist has lost his badge, his gun, and all his memories — including the fact that he’s even a cop. It only gets worse as you continue playing, I assure you, but there is one small thing you can do to help out the downtrodden “hero.” You can find your badge. This Disco Elysium badge location guide will point you in the right direction, as well as provide some insight into how to make the most of the journey there.

Your badge is honestly one of the least of your worries in Disco Elysium (compared to all the other horrible things you discover). However, it’s also an incredibly useful item. It will give your character their full, legal name (visible on the right-hand side of the journal menu). Not to mention you won’t look like a complete and total failure to the rest of your fellow officers.

A more direct use: you can bring the badge to Joyce, the corporate negotiator, to earn her trust. That way she will give you her info on the dead body you’re meant investigate — without needing to become her lackey. If you can prove you’re a cop, after all, she’s pretty much willing to be reasonable. That can be a big help.

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Finding the badge in Disco Elysium ain’t easy, though. Or rather… It will take a lot of time and energy. You will lose a little more than two in-game hours, minimum, in the process. Although the process of reaching it also unlocks a lot of other useful resources. In the long run, I’d say it’s worth it. So let’s get started!

The first step in retrieving your badge is to wait. You can only access the key item on Wednesday (the third in-game day in Disco Elysium). That requires some patience, but you should have no shortage of things to do in the meantime. In fact, there’s something you can get started on right away that builds up to retrieving your badge and earns you some extra XP in the process.

You just need to investigate the broken fence behind the Whirling-in-Rags. With the right skills, and some luck, you can recreate the trajectory of a joyride that busted through the area, toward the south. This triggers a side investigation to discover the reckless driver. Simply follow the tracks as far south as you can, to the pawn shop, and continue investigating from there. The trail will lead you to discover the drive jumped off the pawn shop roof, across the river, and onto the opposite beach.

Where to Find Your Badge – Disco Elysium Badge Location

That’s where you’ll get stuck before Wednesday. You can approach the bridge connecting the two coasts. However, you can’t actually activate it. A man eating nearby will tell you the problem (and heal you with some salami if you ask). The repair crew for the bridge will arrive first thing on Wednesday, though, so you can return here as soon as time ticks over.

Once you do, you just have to walk across the bridge. This leads to a fishing village with a ton of stuff: side quests, cash, tare to pick up, new items, etc. But the first and most obvious thing in your field of view should be a crashed car. We’ve found our joyrider’s ride!

Simply interact with the car. But be warned! Doing so will lock you into waiting two full in-game hours for “low tide.” It does not actually matter what time of day you start this process, either. No matter what, Kim will tell you you need to wait. There will be a number of quick dialogue options in the meantime. They don’t matter much, but add some really fun flavor between you and your pal.

You can probably guess where this is going, but I won’t spoil things too directly. Suffice it to say the badge is inside the crashed car. Once low tide comes in, you can simply access the vehicle and fish it out. Then interact with it from your inventory to complete the process. You will receive your true, full name and access to new dialogue when you talk to Joyce.

And there you have it! That’s how to find your badge in Disco Elysium. We hope this location guide helps you on your journey to salvaging your reputation in this cockamamie world. Until then, take care!