Destiny 2 Xur Location – January 17-20, 2020

Want some Destiny 2 Exotics from our good friend Xur? Head to Calus’s Barge on Nessus, where you’ll find him chilling amongst the Loyalist Cabal.

This week, you can grab the following from him:

  • The Colony: 29 Legendary Shards
  • Shinobu’s Vow: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Mask of the Quiet One: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Lunafaction Boots: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Isochronal Engram: 97 Legendary Shards
  • Invitation quest: 9 Legendary Shards

It’s worth noting that Exotic armor now rolls with one of three different Elemental types, as well as a variable number of total stat points. We’ll tell you both of those in the listings below. I’ll also give you my thoughts of the viability of each piece of gear, but if you have the Legendary Shards to spend then it’s always a good idea to buy anything you don’t already have. Gotta fill out those Collections!

The Colony

The Colony is a fun Exotic heavy grenade launcher that fires a swarm of robots along the ground. Unfortunately, it faces stiff competition from non-Exotic launchers with the Spike Grenade perk for boss melting. It’s a unique weapon to play around with in low-stakes situations, but it likely won’t be your go-to heavy or exotic choice.

Shinobu’s Vow

Shinobu’s Vow are Hunter Exotic Gauntlets. They improve your Skip Grenades, granting you an extra charge and refunding energy on hits. They’re not bad, exactly, but Hunters are so spoiled for choice that it’s hard to justify running this over Dragon’s Shadow or St0mp-EE5 in PVP or Shards of Galanor/Celestial Nighthawk in PVE. This one is Arc elemental and has a stat total of 48.

Mask of the Quiet One

Mask of the Quiet One isn’t particularly flashy, despite its appearance, but it can be useful. Its Exotic Perk, Dreaded Visage, does two things. First, it causes Void ability kills to grant you health. Second, and more importantly, it grants you energy for all of your abilities when you take damage. The bonuses aren’t enough to make it truly viable in PVP, but it can give you an edge in PVE situations — especially if you find yourself getting hit a lot. This one is Void elemental and has a stat total of 48.

Lunafaction Boots

Once, Lunafaction Boots were basically the required footwear of the Warlock class. Nowadays, they’ve been substantially nerfed. Whereas they previously removed the need for reloading entirely, they now simply grant a large bonus to reload speed. And while this season is focused on Solar classes, the upgraded Dawnblade paths seems to be preferred over Well of Radiance these days. That’s not to say that they’re bad, exactly, especially in the relatively lackluster field of Warlock Exotics. When you need to run a Well of Radiance, this is still a great Exotic. This pair of Lunas is Solar elemental and has a stat total of 48.

Isochronal Engram

Xur’s Isochronal Engram now includes Year Two Exotics, so if you’re missing any of those you can grab this to fill out your collection.

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