Destiny 2 Xur Location – January 31-February 3, 2020

Want some Destiny 2 Exotics from our good friend Xur? Head to the Hanger in the Tower, where you’ll find him up a staircase from the Dead Orbit area.

This week, you can grab the following from him:

  • Black Talon: 29 Legendary Shards
  • Knucklehead Radar: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Lion Rampant: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Aeon Soul: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Isochronal Engram: 97 Legendary Shards
  • Invitation quest: 9 Legendary Shards

It’s worth noting that Exotic armor now rolls with one of three different Elemental types, as well as a variable number of total stat points. We’ll tell you both of those in the listings below. I’ll also give you my thoughts of the viability of each piece of gear, but if you have the Legendary Shards to spend then it’s always a good idea to buy anything you don’t already have. Gotta fill out those Collections!

Black Talon

The cold, hard truth: swords aren’t meta. They may be a lot of fun, but they’re rarely as useful as a more ranged weapon. The Black Talon is kind of unique, though, in that it can launched ranged attacks. If you want to roleplay as Zero from Mega Man X, the Black Talon is for you. Otherwise, it’s not currently the best use of your Exotic/Heavy slots — but keep it in mind for next season.

Knucklehead Radar

A PVP-focused Hunter Exotic helm, the Knucklehead Radar lets you keep your radar functionality while ADS and gives you increased radar range while crouching. It’s a neat perk, but it’s a hard sell over other Hunter Exotics like Foetracer and St0mp-EE5. If you want constant radar, try using Ace of Spades instead. This one is Void elemental and has a stat total of 50.

Lion Rampant

Are you a Titan who envies the power of Dawnblade Warlocks to soar through the skies? Then equip the Lion Rampant boots, which improve your aerial mobility and hipfire aim while airborne. Is it worth using these over other Titan Exotics? Probably not most of the time. But they can be a big help in scenarios that require careful jumping, like the Outbreak mission. This one is Arc elemental and has a stat total of 50.

Aeon Soul

It sucks. It’s the worst. An embarrassment to the term “Exotic.” Absolute garbo. Not even telling you the roll because you should never, ever wear these.

Isochronal Engram

Xur’s Isochronal Engram now includes Year Two Exotics, so if you’re missing any of those you can grab this to fill out your collection.

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