Destiny 2 Guardian Games Ghost Shells Guide – How to Get the Week 1 Shell

Guardian Games is the latest event gracing the digital world of Destiny 2. Celebrating the three unique classes, this event is designed to settle which group is the best. Spoiler it’s Warlocks. Throughout Guardian Games, players will earn Medals and complete bounties to accrue points for their team. Every day the team’s total score will be counted and promptly displayed on new armor pieces that change between Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Thankfully, this doesn’t impact your ability to get the new loot coming with this event.

While some of these items are unfortunately tied to the Eververse store, players can earn one of three awesome looking Ghost Shells that tie into that class’s specific animal. Revealed by Bungie during the Guardian Games’ announcement, we know a little bit about how to unlock these Ghosts. Keep in mind, they are specifically tied to the event so you’ll have a limited amount of time to actually earn all of them. If you want that awesome Phoenix Ghost for your Warlock, set some time aside to play within the next three weeks.

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How to Get the Week 1 Ghost Shell

Confirmed by Bungie, you can unlock your Week 1 Ghost Shell by completing a Weekly Quest offered by the event vendor, Eva.

To unlock the Week 1 Ghost Shell you will need to complete the quest On Your Laurels with the A Classy Challenge quest step. This requires you to obtain 2000 Laurels by either performing final blows with Supers, grenades, or charged melee abilities. Laurels are a new in-game item that only appears during the Guardian Games. Once the progress bar fills up to 100% you will complete the quest and get to choose one of three different class-themed Ghosts. You can collect these Laurels anywhere in the galaxy and during any activity, so don’t feel as if you’re tied to one activity.

Additionally, you will gain three Laurels for matching your class. This is fairly vague on paper, but in reality it’s a very simple system to understand. When you kill enemies with specific abilities you will generate a colored triangle that drops from them — this is a Laurel. However, your teammates can also produce Laurels that you can pick up even if you’re a different class. So if you’re a Hunter and you pick up a Hunter Laurel that’s worth three points while grabbing a Warlock Laurel is worth one. You won’t physically drop three Laurels, just the values are different.

This will take a lot more time, so consider using exotics like Sunbracers or Raiden Flux to increase your ability kill number.

We’re in the process of playing the early stages of the Guardian Games event. Make sure to check our guides section later for more information including how to get the new exotic LMG, details on the triumphs, and much more! Thanks as always for the continued support, Guardians. Get out there and fight!


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